Wook Science and Fake News - Oh My!

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Don't open your mind too much, or your brain will fall out.

They say it's good to keep an open mind. Which I believe to be true, to a point. It can be enlightening to view things from other perspectives, and open your eyes to other paths when tunnel vision sets in.

Being close minded is often viewed as a negative. I also tend to agree with that generalization. Though with the advancement of the internet and mobile devices, multitudes of information from all over the world is at nearly everyone's fingertips. Wether or not its true or false information, it's up to the viewer to make the verdict.


Constructively and logically assessing new information isn't a practice that individuals often get taught directly.
Leaving many vulnerable brains open to interpretation, ready to believe anything that sounds plausible.

Leaving opportunities for yellow journalism, which has long been guilty of things like spreading false propaganda. Ultimately achieving a sort of social engineering.

There's another type of false information though, and its catching on in-mass.

Introducing Wook Science.

1: "Are you woke bruh?"

2: "Uh, I guess, yea."

1: "No, I mean, like, are you wwoooooke?"

2: "Um, what?"

1: "On a scale of Kardashian to Kanye - what is your Wokeness level?"

Wook Science, is a term used for semi-false/semi-true or even out right misinformation. Often getting explained to an individual so adamantly and/or confidently that it can be easy to accept as fact for the unfiltered brain.
Wooks often proclaim to be extremely "Woke".

Though Woke is a political term of African American origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice. It is being used as a term to measure a person's knowledge of pseudoscience (Wook Science).

The term Wook comes from a subculture of music festival goers, known as Wooks. (Also pronounced festival wook, hippie wook). The name was coined due to an often primitive appearance. Unfortunately this has led to some misconceptions about anyone who chooses to wear dreadlocks.



Sorry bud...

An example of Wook Science:

"Did you know: That if you take a half cup of rice and blend it with coconut oil, you can make a face cream that gets rid of wrinkles? The high fat and amino acid content acts as a permanent and natural alternative to botox injections. Since the coconut oil has been molecularly distilled into multi-chain triglycerides, it brings rehydration deep into the tissue of your skin and reinvigorates the oil producing glands."

Though to most people it's pretty easy to see that paragraph as utter nonsense and that I literally made it all up on the spot. As you can see there may be a bit of factual information peppered in with the outright falsehood.

These are becoming dangerous waters of information.

Tread carefully


Pic Source: Pixabay