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RE: So it looks like Subscribestar is down right out of the gate. What will be the consequences to segregating our society?

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Fascism. The red brood of fascist minions is small in numbers but financed by the fascist oligarchy, traitors like Soros., Obama, Clitton, Gates and the rest of death penalty candidates. Wait till January when the tide turns.


They have weaponized people's hate and have them turning this anger inward at their own neighbors.
It's a sight to see when someone supports the silencing of thoughts, we need to point it out before it's too late.

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I genuinely only think we can get out of this by decentralizing as much as possible.

Fiat currency seems to be out of reach lately so yes, playing their game on their terms seems to he a zero sum game for free thinkers.
Time to push this crypto currency thing even farther for sure.

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