Curtains for 2018

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A few moments from now we bid 2018 goodbye: although some in other countries may have already done that. And others are yet to catch up due to the time difference. But in the next 24 hours, everyone must have bid goodbye to 2018. Like is the tradition, many will have excellent new year resolution which, frequently, is forgotten within the middle of February. It is human nature to aspire for better things in life.

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I have only a simple question, how did 2018 treat you? Did it treat you kindly or unkindly? I know many in the cryptocurrency space may have a mixed feeling about the year 2018. There will always be down as well as ups in everything we do. It becomes unrealistic when the thought is still to have it go up and never down.

What I have learned in 2018 is patience and to take each day as a new adventure. Each day comes with a different lesson. Even when history repeats itself, we will notice that one person who thinks it is the end of the world :)

There are lots of things to look forward to in the coming year 2019. Though I have no new year resolution yet as my every new year in my end has the same resolution- to get better in the things I do. Simple. I know. But it works.

Happy new year everyone.


2018 treated me well. I hope 2019 treats you well! Happy New Year!

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I wish you the same :)

I wish you the best for the next year (actually this year :p )!

Time is still relative :)
Thanks a lot .

Time indeed passes more slowly when we are (extremely) fast. I hope 2019 won't be that fast. I have many things to do ;)

hey @greenrun Wishing you a very happy new year 2019 (^_^)

Hope you are having a wonderful time that end :)

Happy new year @greenrun

I wish the same. I hope you are having an awesome time over there :)

2018 treated me well. I hope 2019 treats you well! Happy New Year!

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A long road from August of 2017 right. I hope 2019 treats you as well as 2018. There is always more than can be learned and experienced. happy roads to go for you, cheers.

It was certainly a long road but it was fun along the way! No regrets. Not even an ounce of it :)
I see more awesome things happening in the future. Cheers to you too my friend :D

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Hey @greenrun,
I trust that you are well. I took a break from Steemit and DTube for a month but I am back. I hope you are having a great start to the year and all is well. I look forward to more content and creating some great moments here. Talk soon, Have a great day.

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