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RE: Today is the day

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Keep fighting the good fight. It can be tough to have relapses, but we're all human. Turning your attention to gaming is a good idea and will help you a lot. Don't give up and you will eventually reach your goal, which will be good for you, your family and friends. Good luck to you.


Hit the gym, swing come kettlebells, clock up some miles on the treadmill - let your lungs remind you why you really do not want to smoke. Plus it is an hour in an environment where you cannot smoke.

Plus most gyms have a lot of specials running this time of year - so it is great time to join if you have not already.

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I liked your advices....But How many times a man can fight good..?

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep fighting as long as it takes brother.

i guess i lost my faith to this fight when i jump the gun.

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