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There goes another year, another decade. Each teaching and learning showed to every individual the challenges to be faced and the new possibilities of living in a constantly changing world, especially here in Brazil, which many consider to be the lost decade, but which in the last year has shown that despite of all circumstances, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is still a chance to rebuild the country we want for the future. A great mission was given not only to the captain who is in charge with his soldiers, but also to every person who inhabits this beloved, so-suffering homeland. Everything that has been experienced in this past decade has inspired and motivated us to be better human beings, aware of the power that human action has over everything and everyone, with the ultimate goal of satisfying some desire of the agent man, as Ludwig von Mises said.

In my case, I have experienced these last 10 years to the best of my ability, learning from each master at the best and worst times. To all those I have lived with at school, college, work, internships, I am grateful for all that has been passed on. I started at a great school and graduated at an A-grade university in what I will be working on in the next few decades, the Psychology. These environments provided spaces for me to develop both personally and professionally. I am grateful to each teacher, internship advisor, clinical supervisor, school and college classmates who demonstrated that calm seas never made a good sailor and were responsible for building the alterity of each class. 2019 was the last year that I was able to experience all the emotions, challenges, running, finally the whole dynamics of a student's life, which will have a pause, for now, to breathe and continue this eternal life of learning.

I believe this last year was the most intense of all, one that deserved all the adjectives. We started with a differentiated leadership up there, I finished college and graduated as a Psychologist, interned in a context that I never thought I would pass and that I can no longer see myself without working there - including, thanks to the mental health institution for having welcomed me this year, being able to know in practice the rich and challenging universe of mental health, the many structures and mental disorders, as well as the complex blue world of those affected by Autism. Each day, I learn and grow a lot with each reality affected by psychopathologies and the great possibilities of dealing with these individual users so that they can have their sufferings mitigated in a large living space, acting in the Minas Gerais state scenario for almost 7 years, leaving life a little better, every day, for each user and family caregiver.

And I was able to participate in an incredible retreat, the mission of the Aldeias de Vida (Villages of Life), a facilitator of encounters with our being, with the Other and with God. Gratitude to all who carry this rich ideology in its veins, each villager who has chosen to live an intensely spiritual life. In the coming years, I will be more active in retreats, having the help of psychology to work with all those who will play a role. May the awesome, infinite and daring love of God continue to touch your hearts even more to continue this great journey.

Just as this cycle is ending, another book is being finalized, life is fraught with many other mourning and endings that give us the strength and resilience to "touch the boat" despite the circumstances and understand that everything in this world has its finitude. I speak of the death of my great warrior grandmother, a roommate who tragically interrupted his dreams, and a lot of public people who left their legacies here on Earth and inspired many generations to lead their ways to live everywhere they go and what they are going to do.

The 2020s are knocking on the door, with the many challenges mentioned earlier. May each consciously exercise their political power, being the main actors of their own life and nation who most desire to possess and inhabit, and those who are newly formed in what they most wished to do in life, who can find their possibilities and potentialities, as well as his place in the world to support the desire to live working in the chosen profession, especially my former college colleagues, now colleagues of profession and life. And above all, being great human beings to other human beings. May everyone have a good beginning of decade, participating in it as directors and protagonists for it occurs in the best way, with all the positivity it needs. And, inspired by the campaigns of two of the Brazil leading banks, may we shine our way, fighting every day for an increasingly human future.

Hugs to all and a happy beginning of the decade!

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