Back in action.

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It has been a while since I last wrote anything here. I have been powering down all my SP because I needed the money for daily expenses and survival. The earning have been helping me a lot but now, It is time for me to gain it back.

I have lost my encouragement to write here since the day everything goes chaotic for a while. @wakeupkitty brought me back and I can see that things seem to be settling down and my joy to continue writing here came back.

I missed reading some of the articles here. I do not who stays and who went away but I can't ever forget a platform that has helped me a lot in my worst time. It felt kind of lonely but I made friends and that is what keep me going.

I wonder if some of my favourite writers are still here and that is the first things that I am going to find out. This is just my warm-up articles. I just want to know if I still have some readers that waited for me. I am not a famous writer though but I am not expecting to be one. It is nice to have someone to read my random thoughts and start a conversation though.

I am not quite about which tag to use now. Any suggestions?


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I am here 😁

We are back where we started complete with a good atmosphere.

You use tags which fit to your article for example: life, steemexclusive (if you didn't post it elsewhere), parenting, psychology, gardening, homecoming, diary, smartphone photography, etc.

Next you use the tags asked if you join a contest/challenge.

You can post directly into a community (ccc, freewriters, blogs, gems) but resteem your post to make it visible elsewhere. If it comes to the communities it's hard to tell which one's are still active but you can do without them.

Good luck dear. You have my support.


Thank you. I really appreciate your guidance. I am totally lost here.

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I forgot: you are a CCC member. Add the invitation underneath each post of your with 200+ words it's good for an upvote too. You will be eadilker found if you post into hive-166850 (CCC). Do not forget to resteem.

I use the tag ccc or directly post in the community?

Welcome back! :)

Hello. I tood you before that I would not leave that easily. Just been wandering around in another platform, where I can earn BCH.

It can be good to be on multiple platforms. I'm also on Hive, and now we have another Steem fork called which just started and I haven't done anything there yet. is open for US people and everyone next month I think.

But it gets time consuming being on more than one platform. I'll probably concentrate on one or two. It's good to have choices! Good luck on wherever you decide to post!

Thank you. I have enjoyed my time there. Would you like to join? But I still love it here too.

Join where you are earning BCH? Maybe. You can give me a link here if you want. I might check it out! :)

I wanted to share it at first but lately, it doesn't sound like a good place to stay for now. I will wander around a little bit longer and see how it goes. Sorry for the late reply.

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