Can steem be traded?

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I noticed that @blocktrades have gone into Hive and can't be used to convert steem anymore. I would like to convert steem into something else that profitable but I can't find any website or application that can help me to do that.

Anyone have any ideas or information?


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I just wrote you.
Instead of blocktrades you find a different trader. You need to sign up first.
Next sell or trade steem into the cryptocurrenciy you want.
After that you give the wallet address that belongs to it.

Perhaps you should write which country. We all do not have the same options. I can trade Steem with Bitvavo.

You can use sites like bitrexx, Binance or poloniex but you have to make an account! If you don’t feel like it use steem-engine to login and see it therefor BTC

Bitrexx or Bittrex?
I find Binance abracadabra no idea what to do.

i tried bittrex and poloniex but i'm lost. i'm still going on with steem engine and it seem to work for me.

Goid to hear. Can you trade Steem against ETH too?
I lately used tipu to swap SBD against Steem it was done within a minute. 👍

I haven't tried trading for a while.