Chasing dreams

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Do you have a dream or perhaps dreams?

I do. I have a lot of it. What is your dream about?


Having a home that I can call my own, where I can arranged furniture as I want to. Wake up when I want to. Do whatever I want to freely. A place where my little girl can safely run and play.

Having enough money each month so that I would not have to loan anymore or be in debt with anyone.

In simpler way, I dream of a home of my own and not to be filled with debt every month. I do not want this two thing become my worries forever. It had been years that I am stuck just to the normal life I am having until I get to know about cryptocurrency.

It gave me new hope. It is not a sure way to chase my dreams but at least it somehow gave me hope that if I work hard little by little, someday I might just get to achieve my dreams.

Sitting down doing nothing get me farther away from my dream but sitting down blogging and earning cryptocurrency might bring me closer to my dreams. For those out there, who have difficulty finding a job, blogging and earning cryptocurrency could be the start of something unexpected.

Give it a try. Registration is free. Start writing and when other read there will be more writing and earning you will get. It is not a sure monthly income but it will give a little bit of something depending on how we work on our writing.

Chasing dreams is not easy and it will not be achieve in a day but as long as we have tried our best, we will have nothing to regret.

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