It's been a while

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It's 4th of April 2020 at 8.14 am

I have not been able to post a blog within this two weeks due to the difficulty coming to work for one week which cause me to take a week holiday and for this week, I am working from home which is current also giving me difficulty because of my phone line connection. No phone line which also mean no internet connection at all. Therefore working from home is also a disaster for me.

I have a bunch of unfinished tasks which I am not sure of it's deadline. I have to go out everyday just to get some connection. How I hope that this line connection problem can be solve eventually because no matter how far we are from the city, all of us are still using a mobile phone.

that's all for now guys. I hope everyone is doing well.


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These are hard times. I think things will get better in a few weeks but no one can say for sure. Hopefully soon you can be back at work where you can post, or maybe somehow you will find a way to post from home. Whatever happens, I wish you well. Take care!

I'm currently back to work today. It's Monday 6th April here. Glad to be back online even though going to work is hard work and a lot of stress for survival. everything will be alright soon. I hope too. Take care.