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I started here in steemit 2 years ago and become a blogger I am now. I depends on steemit alone to do my blogging but after what happened recently, I started digging for another place where I can blog.

I started blogging because I want to earn a little bit more than just depending on my monthly salary which is currently not enough for now. In the end, I am not only earning but I also fall in love with the world of blogging. It is a little bit different than other social media platform.

It also introduced me to the world of digital currency which is an alien world to me before this. It show me that there are a lot of opportunity to be successful and I just got to take the chance and try. I am not a blogger and I am not good in writing but I took the chance. I have nothing to lose because most of the platform that I join in does not ask for a registration fee.

So, I would like to invite you guys to join me in a new platform called If here we earn tokens, In there we earn BCH. Keep in mind that a new platform will make us start from zero once again but I believe it is worth the try.

Here is my link of invitation. You can register here and see how it goes.

If the link didn't go well. You can click the link below.

If you have time, why not have a back up and write more.


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