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Any of you remember about what I wrote about ultra-miner.com?

I promise @marblely that I will give her an update about this.

I was searching for a place to mine bitcoin(BTC) which I think is a safer place to spent my steem even though the truth is... nothing is actually really safe.

digitalincome mining server.PNG
Above are currently my active mining servers in price of 0.0005 BTC each. I only paid for the first and second one(I think) and the other two I bought with the BTC earned.


  • The first two times I transferred the BTC earned from this platform to my Remitano wallet happened to be the worst failure of all. I lost quite a lot for me even though it might be a small amount for other.
  • There are bad reviews about this platform, maybe you should search and read about it first. Me? I just jump into trouble and that is the risk I'm taking.


  • I managed to transferred BTC earned into my remitano wallet today but it does minus the transaction fee.

btc on 07 april 2020.PNG
It's a small amount but I'm happy to have at least a head start.

Um transfer.PNG

Referring to above picture...

The first two tranferred failed to come into my remitano wallet. I think I made a mistake by transferring the amount through my android phone and I didn't notice the transfer fee at first. Now the amount is floating somewhere in blockchains which I don't know how to get it back or how to complete the transaction.

The third transfer is a success but 0.0002 is deducted for the fee and I transferred it from my laptop this time with more stable internet connection. well, at least I got something back.

I made mistakes but I see that I'm gaining something, so...

  • I'm going to share this with you guys.
  • The risk I'm taking is mine, the opportunity I'm sharing is yours .
  • The choices you made is yours including the risks.

If you are interested. below is what you have to do.

  • You need to have at least 0.0006 BTC to buy your first mining server. It actually cost 0.0005 BTC but just have extra for
    "just in case".
  • Here is my referral link for you to REGISTER and of course I'm sharing my referral link because I gaining a bit when you start mining too.

Start small, later then improve





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Glad that you got something back @heartbeat1515 :)
The transaction fee is about half of your transfer amount? Is that how they calculate? If you don't mind me asking, how much did you invest in this and if you were to consider the first 2 transfer was successful, how much did you gain (taking 50% off for transfer fee)? Thanks for the update @heartbeat1515. I would love to read more if you have the time to share later as and when you mine and transfer some more :)

I'll Check it all back next week when I'm back to work with more internet connection and I'll update it all to you.

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