Say what!!! Birds and Sabana-Casabe-Kariña

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Researching for river sand finding Casabe.

Quick trip to the Sabana river in a Kariña settlement, the aborigen descendants of this tribe lives around the center and south of the Anzoategui State in Venezuela.

A Bird tale!!! On the road.


Brave little bird, The big one is a Caricare an species like falcon that usually eats small or dead animals near to the roads.


Full picture. Took using Nikon Coolpix S3500. My dad stopped the car on the road for taking the pic.


I'm so majestic that I ignore you human. This was right before the angry little bird attacked, for the true be told the little bird (a.k.a I don't how is called) could be protecting his nest and family.

Kariña's town: TASCABAÑAS

They are famous for theirs Casabe, fresh and crunchy. In the area you can see multiple species of birds, lizards and farm animals.


The white round cake is a Casabe, for the ones that are not familiar with it, is like a having the metamorphoses of a poison into edible side food for almost any dish in this country. Doesn't need refrigeration and you can have it stored for long time without fungus issues. This is a native food, that overcome colonialism and became part of us without knowing it.


Meow! You need to grate the bitter yucca(a.k.a yuca amarga) then squeeze out all the white liquid(toxic and deadly) after this you obtain a white thick powder that you can cook like a pita bread, first the fire and then the sun.


Three Budare, with fire this iron plate cooks the white gummy cakes in a rigid toast, taking out what was left of poison and humidity.


Then sun here is really powerful, the white cake turns in a golden toast.


The tower of true!!! This is the final result. We bought around 20 of Casabe cakes, each one can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, for eating with cheese or anything else.

Sweet mother of god!!! Fresh water in a hot day.


Friend's child a good model. Finally the river!!! Next post more pictures of it.

Taste the life moment by moment. Everywhere and everytime you can discover new things, learn and enjoy.

Thank you for passing by. Next post River time!!!

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