My Journey - YouTube Or D-Tube Which One Is For Me?

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Hello friends, fans, and family,
thank you so much for your support and love. You are so awesome. Thank you for being a part of the Fire Nation - Team Fire Hawk! You are excellent. Okay, I pose the question which platform is good for streaming? When I say that I mean like full time YouTuber and/or D-Tuber / Streamer. I am a part time streamer on Twitch as 8010az - Da Fire Hawk. I have seen Twitch streamer's go from part time to full time like, Bass Corn Bread he is an excellent streamer on Twitch. I am learning how to balance my online career with my real life. This is very important to me. I felt bad about all of the breaks that I had to take from my stream and video creation because of my real life. I think that I am finally getting to a point in all of this where I feel it is finally going good. Honestly, I have a lot to learn, still but I am on the right path, finally.
I lost some subscribers from YouTube and D-Tube because I was trying too hard. I was putting out three videos a week and blogging and artwork and streaming on Twitch. I changed my Twitch streaming schedule to Sundays just one day a week. My live viewers are finally starting to grow. You can find me on the CGN network and on Twitch and on the main page of the IME Website. I was also trying to write on Vocal which is a great platform, but I was doing way too much so I was burnt out and failing in my everyday life. To gain a better understanding of what I am talking about, think about living two lives. One cannot over shadow the other.
In addition to streaming for hours upon hours a day I was also creating videos for two different platforms and blogging. Please, don't misunderstand, I enjoy doing what I do and the best part of it all is being able to make my own schedule. I got a little depressed because some of my friends died over the last ten months and I was having some personal problems. To add to this, I take my work very seriously and when I started losing followers and subscribers on Face Book, YouTube and D-Tube, I was downtrodden. I always want my friends, fans, and family to enjoy my work. I want all of my supporters to get something out of my work every time. However, I do understand that this is not always going to happen, but this is what I want. Yes, it's a recipe for disaster, haha. So, I am managing my time better and I am prioritizing. My friend Savo shared something about doing what you really want to do in life. If you really want to do something you can, and you should, and people do make that time to do that something.
I needed to regroup and refocus and decide what I really want to do. It is not about the money but at the same time the money is needed to live and pay bills. Ah, that is the truth, money is needed. I believe that when people say that it is not about the money I think that they are saying it is not only about the money. I believe that they enjoy doing what they are doing because they love doing it. So, in that you have to understand that, there will be times when that streamer may not see the money coming in. They may have to get another job, and readjust there hours so that they can continue streaming, and making videos, and doing artwork, and continue to blog. Twitch, YouTube and D-Tube are great platforms to do all of this.
Anyone who worked with me on any of my projects know how hard I work and know how hard it is just to put out one video much less do that and stream and blog and do acting and do artwork. It can be overwhelming if it is not kept into prospective. So, what I needed to do is decide on my priorities, and the question came up about which platform should I focus on, YouTube or D-Tube? Growing on YouTube can be very difficult, and D-Tube is new. So, which platform should I focus on? Also will my content be relevant and accepted on D-Tube. I placed some test videos on D-Tube and I continued with some videos on YouTube and my channel started growing but no interaction thus no likes and no comments on either platforms. D-Tube pays for comments and likes or up votes. So, I feel bad asking for likes and comments on D-Tube because it seemed like all I wanted was the money. However, I really want to hear from my viewers. I want to know what they have to say about my topic and my video(s).
I've decided to put out one video per platform per month. I changed this from once a week because I was burning myself out again. It does hurt when I put so much effort into my videos/Streams and no viewers, no views and no comments. The best way to not burn myself out is to do it in a progression that will allow me the time to do great work and recover. Even though I am doing two videos per month it is still pressing on me to do something once a week because I felt like I should be doing more. So, yes, you guest it I decided to do both.

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Please, keep in mind that I am doing two videos, streaming, blogging, artwork, and all of the background work as well as editing. So, I am doing a lot, but I still felt like I should do more. My goal was to see if I could do this full time and I would base this off of interactions, comments, stream and video engagements and so on. This was my plan but I got nothing; no interactions, no stream engagements, and no video views/watch time and no comments. So, yeah, this was discouraging to me. As a result of that I started watching other YouTubers and D-Tubers and Twitch Streamers to see what they are doing and try to see what is working for them. On D-Tube the most popular videos where mostly about crypto-currency, followed closely by cooking videos and travel videos. D-Tube Is still young so I expect them to grow and in time maybe my potential viewers/subscribers will find my content of some interest. Yes, there is still hope. Next, I did my YouTube assessment, and sadly the same results. So, now I am thinking that it is me. I am not putting out valued content. I watch other YouTubers and I saw and heard about how they grew their channels. At the time I thought that it was a good idea. So, I implemented some of there strategies and I started losing even more subscribers. I was not growing like I had invisioned, haha.
This obviously bothered me, after some time, I watched my own videos and try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I also, asked a friend of mine to help me and he pointed out so many things that I could not fix everything in one setting. I decided that I would make a game plan and sick to it. I would fix these issues as I could and I would improve over time. I announced on D-Tube and YouTube that I would only be doing videos once a month. I lost even more subscribers on both platforms, haha. I pondered my decision and I decided to stick to it because I still needed to work, and this is what would be best for me. I would not burn myself out and this would give me more time to put together quality videos which over time I can improve on.
So, I decided to do both platforms once a month this way I am not over doing it and I am giving myself enough time. I am doing my blog once a week and I am doing artwork once a week. I am also doing my music once every three months and streaming once a week. I decided to try this plan for 90 days to see if this plan works for me.
I am an actor, so, I am doing that as well, ah, when I get work. Because this is out of my control I am adjusting all of the others tasking to this one. Acting or being a professional actor is my main goal. I enjoy doing it all and even though I am not getting any money for any of it right now I am going to continue to do it. That is why people like me say that we are not doing it for the money. I am not getting no money for any of these projects or at least not enough to be of any real value in paying bills.
Which leads me to my next business venture and this is all about the money, haha. I started an online store and the name of it is: The Sea Wheat Store. The Sea Wheat Store is small and we only have a few items right now but I am hoping that as we gain more sales we will grow as I learn and understand what you the customer want. I am focusing on giving the best quality products and a great online shopping experience. So, please, checkout the Sea Wheat Store and let me know what you think about it.

I am going to close with, people are going to always say what you cannot do. However, the honest truth is that it is up to you. If you decide to do acting, do your research, take classes and get it done. If you want to go back to school then same thing, do your research, find courses that you want to do and get it done. No matter how long it takes. I have had people to discourage me and every time I allow them to do that I feel bad and they are bragging to their friends of how they stop me from doing whatever. My realization comes in after the opportunity has passed and the only person hurting and mad is me. So, I say again, don't allow people to steal your dream. Learn, study, do your research and get it done. Thank you for being a part of the Fire Nation - Team Fire Hawk! Have a wonderful and blessed day and welcome to the Fire Nation...

Okay, here is a little bit about me: I am Isaac M, 8010az, a streamer on twitch, and a YouTuber as well as a D-Tuber on Steemit. I am a singer and song writer, a blogger and an artist. I am also an actor and online marketer. I engage you so that you can form a commitment to yourself, here is how: every journey begins with one step and having the courage to try to be successful takes a lot of courage and determination. As well as endurance, drive and commitment.
However, it is not and never have been impossible. Yes, you may get to a point where certain things may change but that does not mean that you cannot achieve your goals. You have to be determined and you have to be willing to fight for it. You can achieve your goals even if it is to graduate at a late age in life, or starting that business that you always wanted, or even to lose weight, no matter how heavy you are, you still can do it.

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I am here to encourage you. My goal is to encourage you. Through my designs and admitting you into the Fire Nation, a community of people who dare to dream and seek greatness in life - Team Fire Hawk, a group of people who supports and encourages one another. Our goals are aligned, no, it does not have to be the same goals. Just try to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Use these items (videos, Streams, blogs, & products) to encourage yourself, to motivate yourself, to challenge yourself to be successful. I believe that you can do it, you must believe in yourself. If I can encourage you through my items, even if it is just a little bit to help you achieve your goals, then all of this is worth it and this is what I am here for. #staymotivated, #teamfirehawk, #8010az, #thefirenation, #isaacm, #dafirehawk, #digdeep, #seawheat, #seawheatstore