A Short Story About Love 💕 500 followers: thank you all!

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A Short Story About Love 💕 500 followers: thank you all!

First of all, thanks to everyone who follows me on Steemit. It means a lot to me.


While I was sitting in the park today, I heard this story. I hope you will like it.

The old man, who was eighty years old, came to a nursing home every day to feed his wife.

The journalist who was visiting this institution was impressed that this old man visits his wife every day.

The journalist asked him about the reason for her stay in the nursing home and he told him that she had Alzheimer's for a long time.

The journalist asked him again: "Does she sometimes worry if you do not come in time since you are old?"

The old man replied: "No, she does not even know me anymore."

The journalist was surprised: "You're still coming every day to feed her, and she does not know you're her husband? The institution's staff can take care of her! "

The old man replied: "Son, she does not know who I am, but I do know who she is!"

Thanks For Reading


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This is a very touching story. Thanks for sharing.

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