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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

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It has been an enjoyable, humbling ‘mission’. I have learnt A LOT from each and everyone of you. I have met several insightful, funny, informed, loving people here. Some of which have really become part of my life and thoughts. Some of which have felt comfortable to approach me directly and share with me whatever was making them anxious or sad at the time. A few of you have given me the enormous privilege to accompany you in beautiful journeys of self-discovery throughout which fears were challenged, acceptance took place and inner-peace was found. I can only thank you with my heart for this.

something tells me that you know who you are.

Morí de amor! gracias por esas bellas palabras, estoy agradecido en gran manera con usted querida Abi.


Well, what can I say .... I am glad you know who you are 😉😘🌷

Así es! ten un feliz fin de semana <3