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One of life's greatest gifts is kindness.

Even when it comes to animals.

Animals come into our lives for various reasons.

Maybe a stray dog, or a gift ... or even bought for the purpose of owning an animal you really wanted.

My dog, Jyspie (original photo)

My personal passion has always, for as long as I can remember, been horses.

@bookmarked when she was 10 years old brushing Ace when he was 2

For my entire life, I have had a driven love for all things horses.

My horse, Ace and Jypsie (original photo)

There is nothing in the animal world that I would rather have than a horse.... aside from edible animals. (we can't eat horses... which don't make them the perfect homestead animal.... but you COULD use them as a tool on the homestead)

@bookmarked when she was 12 and Ace was 4

Anyway... for the last several years, we have been unsettled in our roots. We moved to Texas due to @beardo's job... and after dragging my horse from boarding stable, to pasture, and back again... I thought I was doing him a favor by keeping him and taking him wherever we went.

Ace letting a friend learn how to ride last fall.

After five years in Texas, we were forced out by the hurricane.. and we moved back to Arkansas to the Northwest area, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. But we are in our RV and do not currently own land.

So we put up panels and kept him here on our Friend's property for a while....but winter came and I felt so irresponsible by keeping him in an area without true shelter. So I took him to a friend to board him once again, for wintering.

Ace in the paneled area. (Original photo)

I had heard the whisper of need many times over the last several years to sell him so that he could have a normal pasture life and be used properly, giving him a better life. To be kind to him. Even if it meant doing something that I didn't want in order for my horse to have the life he deserved. THAT is kindness.

I ignored what I knew was the Father above asking me to be obedient.

Finally, I decided to be obedient and offer my "baby" for sale.

Sadly, but gratefully, he is now with a great family....

A man bought him for his grandkids. He has an entire ranch now to roam.. with plenty of shelter and lots of love to come.

New owner putting on halter (original photo)

New owner getting acquainted (original photo)

I don't know what this lesson of obedience will bring... but I know it was the right thing to do.

Goodby my buddy.... you will be happier in greener pastures.

Original photo

You taught me much.



That was a sad and happy story, sorry for your loss but happy that the horse will be a little more free! Thanks for sharing the story!

Ace has an entire ranch to roam now... I am very happy we found him an amazing home 💙❤️💙

That is excellent news!