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On excursion into nothingness..


SettingsISO 160 200 mm f/11 1/250 sec
Camera Sony α7 III
Lens Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS
LocationRovinj - Croatia


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and portraitphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography

Screenshot 2017-12-08 10.35.04.png

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what a stunning photo, it would nicely for the goldenhourphotocontest! lol. BTW I left you a pm on discord if you wouldn't mind to go and have a look.

Wau! The simplicity of this picture makes it so extraordinary! Good work!

Amazing contest. I wish i can join your all contest.

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