Friendship - A Major Part of Life !!

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In this age of social media, the possibilities to reach and connect with people across the world have multiplied in an unprecedented manner. Add friends at the click of a button, keep them updated with your latest tweets– the networking options are almost limitless. As the number of our virtual friends and followers multiply, have you ever wondered, how much of it is really “real?” What does friendship actually mean to you?

As a super socially awkward person, I tend to keep people at arm’s length. I’m generally really reserved and private, and I don’t easily click with others on a personal level. Most people who claim to “know” me don’t really know much about me. I try my best to be kind and polite to everyone, but I won’t waste my energy trying to foster a connection that isn’t there. When I do connect with someone, though, watch out! I get all kinds of excited — embarrassingly so — but that’s probably because real friendships are rare and so valuable to me.

I have a deep appreciation, and an incredible respect, for people I genuinely click with. Not to be super clichéd or anything, but I’m definitely learning to appreciate the whole “quality over quantity” thing in regard to friendships. I have a fair amount of acquaintances, a select group of people I actually consider friends, and an even smaller group of “close” friends.

One of my greatest joys in life is to make new friends. It doesn’t even matter to me which category they fall into. They could be acquaintances, friends or my inner circle of people. I love getting to know people. There is something beautiful in the real honesty, that comes with opening your heart to someone new, someone who is far enough removed from your personal-life-bubble that there is no fear of repercussions or getting hurt. People are so guarded these days, myself included, so these little glints of passionate truthfulness are so breathtaking.

I’m a deeply emotional person under my awkward (turtle) shell. I treasure those rare, golden moments when you sense that spark of friendship emerging in the most unexpected places, with the most unexpected people. I don’t believe in restricting friendships to social circles or age groups; if you connect with someone, you just connect with them. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that friends come and go in our lives to help us grow or teach us something. I have connected with a handful of awesome people at various places in life, and I think there is so much to learn, and to gain, from being open to whoever happens to come cross your path. Who are we to place limitations on our life lessons? Go with the flow, and enjoy those friendships with unexpected people. They’re probably just as surprised as you are.

An artwork to expess my words




And this be a picture from yesterday's friendship day celebration.



I honestly liked reading this entire article :)! I myself only have 3 great friends i hang out with. Friends i know i can count on. In the pyramid of maslow they say that friends and relationships are the 2e need after primary needs such as food and a house above your head. i'm sorry for my english haha! and nice drawings!

Thank you so much :)

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