GOP "Memo": Response to the NYT's and Special Agent Josh Campbell

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The GOP drafted a "Memo." The Trump Administration released that "Memo." Now, some FBI elites are coming forward like a bunch of cowards, crying like babies, demonstrating their true colors. 

For anyone who wished to read the GOP Memo, let me help you understand some truths founded within same by saying everything you need to know about that memo can be found here in this meme.

Seriously, I read the memo at least three times now. And truthfully, save yourself and accept that the above meme says everything because that is reality in which we live today.

Now, with the memo drop comes Special Agent Josh Campbell and the NY Times.

Agent Campbell decided to take it upon himself to write his own OpEd in the NY Times for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but himself and his alleged puppet masters. I say puppet masters because, reality is, Mr. Campbell is nothing more than a puppet and that is apparent per his previous position within the FBI. 

You see,  Mr. Campbell was a special assistant to the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI.   

Want to read his OpEd? Here. Read it. I have no need nor time to discuss the meat of his peice considering it is one gigantic diatribe trying to counter some serious issues at stake.

What I do want to do is provide my response to Mr. Campbell in hopes not only does he read this but so Americans and the rest of the world read same. Why? Because what I have to say comes from a bit of insight about America, its institutions, and the corruption within.

First, before I go into my response to the NY Times and Mr. Campbell, I am reminded of an interview I had long ago with an Afghan Warlord. His words strike me harder today then ever. 

"You want to talk to me about corruption? You want to talk to me about Rule of Law? Let me ask you, Who helped create today's Afghan Government? Who has mentored our politicians? It was your American Government my friend. Please, lets not forget that before we enter this conversation."

Now, as to Mr. Campbell and the NY Times.

First and foremost, Agent Campbell in his final paragraph sums up his reason for leaving the FBI....

“These political attacks on the bureau must stop. If those critics of the agency persuade the public that the F.B.I. cannot be trusted, they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe”

If you read the small print on his career, Mr. Campbell was a special assistant to the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI.  

Mr.  Campbell please know that you are part of the cancer and instead of  having the moral courage or virtue to expose or stop the leadership of  the FBI from using their access to the FISA court to help political  benefactors keep and retain power, you and others with knowledge of the  abuse said nothing.  

Now you resign in protest to “partisan attacks”.    

The “partisan attacks” as you call them are enshrined in the  constitution so that there is appropriate oversight to prevent what has  clearly happened as described in the “memo”.   

You see, former agent  Campbell, not one line of the “memo” has been disputed or called into  question.  Comey, Rosenstein, etc. have not denied any point of fact in  the memo.   They only blow sophist platitudes to try and cloud the  truth.   

You worked in a counterterrorism capacity, I believe you would  call it a covert influence.    

Now somehow you have found the moral  courage and the ear of the New York Times editorial board to tell the  American people how the FBI is being undermined by partisan attacks.    

You sir are a disgrace.   

I don’t say this lightly.   I know the  majority of the hard working people at the FBI are patriots who keep  this nation safe.   They however have been failed by their leadership  and those that knew what the 7th floor was doing and said nothing.   

The  FBI will survive and emerge stronger as long as all of the morally  bankrupt, self serving leadership and their enablers are identified and  removed.   

At least you self reported.


Hah. The NYT presented this dude as if he was a low level field agent.