34,000 Replies on STEEM So Far? Holy Crap!

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Just got a comment from the @steemitboard bot letting me know that so far in the 4 years or so that I've been active on the STEEM network that I've gotten a total of 34,000 replies on my posts.. Which is absolutely friggin' nuts now that I think about it. It averages out to about a reply for every hour I've been on STEEM which is nuts.


Add one to it! xD

Well here's another one for the books.
Bonus screecap. Did pretty damn good in spite of the lag.



Good screencap

That is NUTZ. Congrats @klye, here is to the Next 34,000 !!

Thanks man.. Yeah, when I ran the numbers and saw that it averages roughly a reply an hour for the past 4 years kind of blew my mind.

Congrats bud...lemme add 1 more to your list haha, keep on rockin

Thanks captain!

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