Why do men like to do it like this...? comedyopenmic #29

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@ lucylin is asleep, and this photo is a picture of me. He went to sleep after he did this to me.
A gave me a massive load.

And then went straight to sleep !


Don't get me wrong, a really enjoy it being done to me....and I love the taste of it. It's yummy.
And I love the warmth of it, and the feel of it running down my face, and body... but I don't understand why men fall asleep straight after doing it to their girlfriends...

It takes a lot of energy to give such a heavy load, I can understand that - but when I give him a load (not as much I admit), I don't suddenly fall asleep.
I wait for his turn ..

It leaves us girls frustrated - and wanting more... ( We like to do it to. It's a smaller quantity, but the pleasure is the same..).

It only seems fair to take turns doing it to each other, to enjoy watching our partners enjoying it..

If @lucylin doesn't do it to me first, then he still has lots of energy for me to have a go with him afterwards.- so I always try to make sure I do it first to him.

He likes to lie down while I do it over him. He likes me on my knees, facing him...waiting for him to cover me..

But not tonight.
He beat me to it!
I'm left here - wide awake - and wanting my turn...


We don't have anymore churns arriving until next week. It's a twice a week thing nowadays.

We used to get a delivery everyday, but times change. So I will have to wait for my pleasure...

Might as well go and watch some porn, and have a wank - there's no milk to be had anywhere!!

My mum used to enjoy getting her daily load to...

yyy - Copy.png

I nominate @ladykiller and @joe.nobel ( I have a feeling he would like to 'churn' me....)


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Good evening. I speak on behalf of your husband whom I met in dreamland, he states that you can send the load to him through me. I'm going to give it to him. I promise

I think you already have the answer, just not seeing it:

It leaves us girls frustrated - and wanting more...

(They love that stuff ☝🏽, and if we are honest...we girls do too.)

Biology baby. Polarity is the basis of our attraction. Males and females didn’t evolve to be same, but for biological and psychological diversification - maximum contrast = better chance of survival.

I can't see anything!!!!!!!! - I'm covered in white stuff!

😂 😂 😂

That milk looks like its gone sour ...

Thank you, I feel so "nominated" now.

I like the old fashioned kind, the kind that comes with the cream on top.
upvoted you, my darling,
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You can cum on my face any time. In fact I will eat your pussy for 45 minutes or more if needed to make you gush. I have done this many times in the past giving those little orgasms and working towards that massive huge one at the end.

...Are you a psychopath then...?

Maybe our wires are crossed. I m probably missing something in the meaning of this write up. Please tell me if I am missing something I would greatly appreciate it.

What wires are crossed, sweetie?

WOW seriously. The thing is I love giving woman orgasms. It is just something that is addictive to me. If she squirms away she squirms away other than that she can get the full treatment. Seriously why would you call someone that really.