Have you thought about playing tennis? Think no more! - Because tennis is so good for your health - Benefits both Physical and Psychological

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Have you ever thought about playing tennis? If it's your case, do not think about it anymore! This sport is one of the most complete sports, since it provides both physical and psychological benefits. I'll convince you, I'll tell you everything that this sport can do for you. Attentive!

There are several scientific studies that corroborate that people who play tennis are more optimistic, energetic, have more confidence in themselves and suffer less depression, anxiety and tension (study conducted by Southwestern Connectiucut State University). And it is that practicing tennis only has benefits. Does not it convince you? We tell you so that you can encourage yourself to try it. And not only tennis, sports are synonymous with health. Discover all the advantages of practicing it!

Physical benefits

  • Improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity: tennis allows us to increase our aerobic capacity, because when we practice it we burn fat and help improve the cardiovascular system, which gives us more energy. In addition, it helps us to improve the anaerobic capacity, through the short periods of high intensity during the points, followed by the periods of rest.


  • Leg reinforcement: this sport allows us to improve the strength of our legs, by starting and braking, as well as muscular, by having to react quickly and forcefully to receive the ball.


  • Increase general coordination: since the body has to adjust with the ball.

  • Provides greater agility and flexibility: tennis is a sport that requires constant vigilance. The movement to reach the balls will improve our flexibility, as well as our agility, since to hit the ball we usually change our direction on several occasions, in just 3 seconds!

  • It helps to increase the density and strength of the bones: the practice of this sport, by involving a movement and permanent alertness, will strengthen our bones and prevent our body from osteoporosis.


  • One of the pillars of leading a healthy life is to play sports, if tennis does not convince you at all we help you to find yours. Discover which is your ideal exercise among our selection of the best sports to be in shape.

Psychological benefits


  • It brings us a new ethic, discipline and responsibility: tennis is a sport that allows us to develop ethics and discipline. In addition, being an individual sport, it teaches us to accept our successes and mistakes since each one of us is responsible for the achievements or failures that we achieve.


  • Help control the pressure: it is a sport that involves undergoing mental, physical and emotional stress. In this way, tennis helps us to control our pressure and tensions, and teaches us to be competitive.
  • Encourages the development of strategies: being a purely strategic sport, each of us learns to plan and implement new formulas to anticipate our adversary.


  • It helps to handle adversity well: in tennis it is basic to be able to compete despite the elements that one can not control such as wind, sun, etc.

  • It teaches us to compete: the main idea of tennis is to beat the opponent, which is a great preparation for the competitive world in which we live.


Signing up to healthy life is very easy, tennis is one of the sports that help with all the benefits we have told you so far. But if you are determined to embark on this world where sedentary lifestyle has no place, we recommend that you follow our advice to get it. A for all!

Conclusions Based on Scientific Studies.


People who play tennis 3 hours a week at a moderate intensity cut the risk of dying from any cause in half, according to the study of Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger with more than 10,000 people for more than 20 years.
The tennis players obtained better results in terms of optimism, self-confidence and energy level, and worse results in terms of depression, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes and non-athletes according to tests done by Dr. Joan Finn in the University of Southern Connecticut.
Tennis requires concentration and tactical thinking, which could generate new connections between the nerves of the brain, promoting the continued development of the brain throughout life, according to a report by scientists at the University of Illinois.
Tennis is superior to golf, skating and most other sports in its contribution to developing positive personal characteristics according to Dr. Jim Gavin, author of the book: The Habit of Exercise.
Competitive tennis burns more calories than aerobics, skating or cycling, according to several studies in this branch.

To finish a poetic thought:
"How are you going to know what hatred is if you never hit the ball against the net"


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