A Bike Route - Yesterdays and Todays

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Catch up on yesterday..

I took a 'cycling route' on Map.me app and ok, it was most likely too dangerous to go on the road, and thats why it suggested to go up mountain trails.

I knew I was going up 400m + but I didnt expect this..


I had to wear the rucksack and then leave the bike multiply times, and go up to leave the rucksack and the dogs and then to backtrack and go get the bike! There was no other way.


The dogs enjoyed it though, they are much fitter than I am!



I noticed as we started to head up the hill..

..A very dark cloud and as I reached the top to rest, a hail stone storm came suddenly and so I took out the tarp and covered us in it to keep dry.


It was near to 6pm and time to find a place to sleep. I ended up on the old road running alongside the main road, and as it was a dead end it was quite pefect. The wind though was ice cold and this was my view from the sleeping bag..


This morning


I woke up at 5am but it was still dark. Noticed I had slid down the road abit as it was on a slight slope, and the dogs had taken most of my bed to keep warm. As I packed up, I decided to take the road instead, and ended up in VillaFranca del something 20km away in no time, it was a pleasure to start going down hill again after the above photo.


VillaFranca del Penedés

I did plan to sit some here but I didnt know I'd be so lucky to hit the huge market!


I found a nice place to sit and got some money, and then when it quietend down for the siesta, I went to recycle.


Any market produces Trash - and trash can be eaten!

Ok the trash food anyway. Look at this all at the very end, there was piles upon piles of boxes with some containing food. If I had the oppertunity to cook, I could have taken much much more, like these aubergines which had a moldy tip

Lots of food amongst this lot!


Im not far from Tarragona, and will try gst to the beach tomorrow! I think I will stay here for the evening and sleep somewhere en route later, but we will see.

Joint now though!



Never a dull day, huh?

Haha certainly not! Yesterday my phone stopped charging lol

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