The forgotten village

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As we all know, Romania has many villages that are "forgotten by the world" and one of them is Bunea, a small village in the west of the country which belongs to Făget City. I recently visited this village where I discovered that only a few families live here. Total detached from the world these people live in poverty and without conditions. I have hardly reached the village because it is not asphalted and the road is full of pits, no one cares because there are not many people who visit it anymore.
At the entrance of the village, I saw two children playing on a pile of grass, they led me to their grandfather who own one house that is still inhabited in the village.

In front of the house their grandfather named George stood on the bench. Old and sick, he could not stand up, he stood there and watched us approach him. He barely waited for someone to visit him, I read it in his eyes. I sat next to him on the bench, and started talking, I found out from him that until the 90s, that village was inhabited and people were doing well there, most of them were working in agriculture and the vegetables they were gathering, they sold them in town at fairly good prices. People bought from them because all their products were bio and very tasty.

Mr. George invited me to his house, where even if the conditions were not good, I felt great. In the old man's house everything was out of date, but he seemed not. He is a smart and diligent old man, before the 90s he was leading more business in the area. He owned two animal farms and several hectares of forest. After the revolution in 1989, he lost much of his fortune. And in 2000 he got sick and could not keep his farm. He sold everything he had to buy an apartment in town for his boy. His boy visits him quite often, and that brings to the old man a bit of hope in his life. Every time he comes to him he brings everything he needs. His grandchildren are his fortune now and every time they visit him the old man tells them all sorts of stories and plays with them.

The old man does not have much to live, suffers from an incurable disease that is getting worse every day. He does not want to go to the hospital or follow a treatment he keep saying that he is good and he wants to enjoy the rest of his life not to spend it through hospitals. When his boy and grandchildren go to the city he spends his time reading. And he often takes the suitcase out from under the bed and looks back at pictures with his wife he remembers memories that he lived with her.

Mr. George let me photograph his house, he told me that he is not ashamed of what he has and how he lives, ashamed should be to those who steal and have. He said he knows how to live with a little and that the biggest fortune a person can have is the family. He says he is happier now that when he had more money ,then he was very stressed and did not have time to spend with his family.His wife died and the baby grew up, married and moved to the city.Now he's poor, but he's happier having his loved ones close.

All I could find in his house was a bed, two chairs, a stove and some useful things to him. His house is empty, but his soul is full, full of love, happiness, and gratitude.

When I left, Mr. George gave me some fruits that he had at home, he told me he could not let me go empty-handed home. I realized that this man has a great soul and thinks of others.I will visit this old man soon because I liked to know such a good man and a great soul.

The person in the post is not the same as the one in the photo!

This saw this house on a hill in the village and I liked a lot, I would love to buy it and come here with my family at the end of the week to be quietly away from civilization.

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What plagiarism? Images have a link and the person is fictional. I did not copy any word from the link you sent.The old man I'm talking about in my post was not agree to be photographed.

A very touching essay and great photos. It’s a rare person who will take the time to spend an hour with a stranger and really try to know them without expecting anything in return – blessings on you.

I found your post on the @curie Discord chat in self-promotion.

Thank you very much, I can say I really like to talk with the elders, they have a lot to say :)