A Rainy Day

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A rainy day is different appeal to different people. It may be unpleasant to some people, and it may also be pleasant to some people at times. In the rainy day the sky is overcast with clouds . It rains continously. Sometimes it rains in torrents, sometimes it drizzles. Sometimes a strong wind blows, sometimes there comes a gust of wind.


The school and college going students cannot go to their institutions. They remain idle at home. The young folk pass their time through gossiping and playing at cards. Even the day labourers are to idle away their time. Cattle remain at their sheds and bellow, low and bleat. Sometimes because of heavy rainfall communication goes almost suspended.


Roads becomes muddy and slippery. Some rich village people enjoy the day by talking delicious food. Above all, a rainy day is dull, gloomy and enjoyable as well.

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the rany day is very cats and doggs.

yes you are correct