A Street Hawker.

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A street hawker is a man who moves from place to place selling his goods. He is seen mostly in the morning. Sometimes, he sells newspapers.


Sometimes, he sells various items like toys, clothes, fruits, vegetables and so on. He shouts the names of the items he sells. Children are fond of him because sometimes he wears a strange dress, sings songs or plays a flute. He walks along roads and streets from dawn to dusk and retums home with his hard-earned money. He is a man of dignity because he eams his bread by means of his honest toil.


The service that a street hawker does to our society is simply great. He carries the goods that we need daily to our house. He sells his goods at cheaper rates. But sometimes he adopts false policy to cheat simple customers. It is not fair and good. We should be careful of the street hawkers who are cheats. He lives from hand to month He leads a simple life. However, as a whole, a street hawker should never be negiected. We should respect his hard labour and never look down upon him.

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