How to Celebrate New Year

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Different cultures have different occasions. Various cultures all over the world celebrate various events at different times of the year. These range from small family occasions like births, marriages to weeklong festivals involing thousands of people.


Baishakh is the first month of the Bangla year. So h are aceustomed to celebrating the Bangla New Year. The new year is celebrated traditio of the year. These range from small family occasions like births, marrin weeklong festivals inveo and some people think superstitiously that if they pass the beginning of the year happily, the whole year will go fine However, people in rural and urban areas do not observe the occasion in the same way. In the rural areas, people make sweets and pithas, wear new dresses and arrange feasts. In important areas, fair is held In thesfar people buy and sell their hand-made articles which include earthen pots, dolis and different toys.


Children like to buy sweets and light foods. In some places cultural functions are arranged. In urban areas, the celebration differs but not much. In cities people come out of their houses early in the morning. Men wear punjabi-pajamas and women wear yellow and white sarees. People gather at a place where cultural activities are arranged. These cultural activities include daneing and singing. Rallies, processions and fairs are also held. People like to ea panta bhat' and hilsa fish which can be bought at fairs. People feel joyous and happy as they celebrate the new year.

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