Globalization : what is golobalization?

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Globalization essentially means a borderless global economy as well as a global culture. It vocates the free flow of goods and cultural values throughout the world. The perpetrators of globalization ad show reason that such steps would

(1) create an standardization of cultural values

(2) spread development to the poor parts of the world

(3) create equal opportunities for efficient people all over the world, and

  1. overcome cultural barriers among nations.

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Allegations against Globalization:

There are also serious allegations against globalization. It is said to be a tool of exploitation in the hands of capitalists. In the name of globalization the rich countries can take undue advantage of the poverty-stricken nations. It is making the rich even richer. On the other hand the poor countries losing all their defence. A number of negative impacts of globalization are already becoming visible. Some of them are as follows:

(1) The rich countries always have advantage in the table of bargain. Here they take undue advantage from the poor countries. They take protective measures to save their weak industries but force the poor countries to open up their markets.

(2) The multinational companies of the developed countries getting more powerful day by day. They are also exercising their new carned power in undue and illegitimate way. The poor countries cannot resist the economic power of the multinational companies and surrender helplessly to the multinational companies.

(3) The globalization process is also being associated with (7f. W) the aggressive onslaught c- M--) of the western culture on the culture of the poor nations. As a result the poor nations are failing to maintain their culture distinction and heritage.


Future Prospect:

It is hoped that in the long run the globalization process will have certain positive consequences.

(1) It is making a man think as a world citizen rather than a citizen of an individual country. It develops our views and perspective towards the world.

(2) Globalization process has already developed the communication system all over the world. With the technological development and introduction of mobile phone, satellite TV channels and internet, we are living literally in a global village where no part of the world is d improvement in communication system has also improved the trade and commerce all over the world.

(3) In the process of globalization modern technology and management systems will also find their way in poor countries. The undeveloped nations will learn from the developed nations and multinational companies and will learn to use the modem technology and management systems.



In this changed world influenced by globalization, the poor third-world countries like Bangladesh need to be organized and adjust their policies with the new situation.

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