What are the methods of collecting primary data?

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When data are collected from the origin with a view to attaining particular objectives is called primary data. The ways or methods of collection of primary data are discussed bellow :


1. Personal Observation :

One of the most important means of collecting primary data is personal observation. In this method the investigator goes to field to personally to collect the data. Though it takes time, data collected by personal observation is more reliable.

2. Indirect Enquiry Method :

Another method of collecting primary data is indirect enquiry method. When it becomes impossible to collect the data directly, indirect method is used to collect the primary data.

3. Questionaire :

A popular method of collecting primary data is questionnaire. The researcher or the investigator prepares a question sheet to collect the data or information from the origin.

4. Telephone Interview :

If the investigator has not enough time to collect the information, he can use telephone interview. In this case, the data collector must be a clear speaker.

5. Local correspondents :

The investigator can employ local correspondents to collect the primary data. The local correspondents collect data from the origin and sent to the investigator.

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