Creating my garden part 2.

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In my first post a month ago I laid out my garden and the idea of creating a nice space for the summer as it looked like we will be spending a lot of it around the house this year.

I had managed to pick up a great deal on some garden furniture at work and while I wasn't ready to make a proper build yet I couldn't pass them up.

This is the starting point for the new building site in the corner just outside my patio door and where I will start digging out the base this week.


Before building though it is time for the planning stage. Now I'm no garden designer so it took a long time for measuring and calculating, never mind all of the time spend googling how to do everything but in the end I think that I have a workable drawing to start with.

I have my plans and have my measurements which brought me to a slightly more fun part of the planning stage and that's the shopping. We are still under lockdown but luckily the garden and outdoor centers have reopened this week so myself and my girlfriend made a trip to one of the nearby centers to pick out some of the stonework. My idea is to lay a patio just to the left of the tree in my garden. This will place it right outside the external door and from there run a flowerbed around the base of the tree and into the far corner. The other little detail that I will put in is some ivy behind the patio to cover the brick wall as I think it takes away from the lovely setting around it.

The garden center

I could put up a dozen photos from the center as they have a great choice of settings for any outdoor work but these three are the ones that caught my eye. I will try to build a raised patio like in the first photo, using just flags and not the pebbles.

The camel dust have a nice mix of colors that match my house so will be using those and then the nice kerb stones from the last picture as the surround as they are cleaner than the ones in the first photo.

Now all of this looks great from the picture in my head so it will be interesting to see how it turns out in real life when I go to put it all together.

More updates to follow once the stone arrives for the build.

Until then have fun.

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