Ledger Nano on Amazon daily deals for 25% off.

in #blog10 months ago

I had been looking to pick up a hardware wallet to store bitcoin for my latest challenge of adding up a full one over the next 18 months and there is no way I'm keeping that on any exchanges.

So while browsing today I noticed that the Ledger Nano S was on sale on amazon uk as part of their daily deals. I picked up one for €46 euro with free delivery which is the best deal I've seen one them so far. It will be here by in a week which is fine as I'm not in a huge rush and no hassle to purchase one.


I do have some Ethereum that I will be holding long term and hopefully a Bitcoin in the near future so it makes sense to have a secure storage for them as well as the fact that HIVE is now compatible with the Ledger makes this a great deal for me.

Just passing on the information in case anybody else was looking to pick up a hardware wallet.


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