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Some days are just busy days. The ones that drain you from start to finish. The main difference being whether it is a good tired or a bad tired. We all have those days where life has gotten the better of us. You make it in from the outside world and fall to the couch with a feeling of darkness and despair. Despair for your plight or even the plight of the human race. Whatever has touched you so deeply that you couldn’t take another step if you tried. A darkness so enveloping that it looks like there will never be light again. Thankfully those are the rare occasions.

The majority of the tired days are just life wearing you down one problem at a time. Far less depressing altogether. Each day is another ticked off your life calendar until you reach that last page. That last torn page stuck to the wall and nowhere left to go. A tiredness that builds from youth to death with each moment another grain of sand dropping from the top into the bottom as the time slowly ebbs away until that last grain of sand hits the bottom.

I really don’t know why my writing is so morbid tonight. It just started there and kept going that way. All I was getting at really is that I feel a bit tired after a long day. Not even a bad tired either. It the good tired that comes from a busy day. The good type of busy. I was down at my parents last night and had a full day after I got up. Went golfing for the morning time with my father and a few others. We managed to sneak around the corona restrictions and get a couple of pints at a local hotel. The day was sunny so we sat at a bench outside and really enjoyed them. Got a nice dinner and desert. After that it was back up to my own house and I had my usual game of football with the lads on a Thursday night.

All very good things and I really enjoyed the whole day. Of course I am totally wrecked at this stage and have clocked up over twenty thousand steps to go along with it. My legs are tired and I’m fairly sure that I pulled a calf muscle somewhere along the way too. Not a huge problem though as I am still off work for a few more days and can take a good rest.

My main thing for the evening was to try and continue with my writing and get a post out regardless of how busy the day is. A big part of this community is trying to make sure and keep writing no matter what the distractions are. It won’t always be possible but when it is, I intend to get my daily post out. Even if the content and quality I very poor tonight I feel better by just throwing out some words onto the page and getting that satisfaction. That and every day I find it is easier to put words to page.

Glad to get the post out and hopefully there will be a more interesting one tomorrow.

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