Steemtransfer update: New users and games.

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First of all I want to thank all of the people that left comments, suggestions, tags and everything else that was done to help fill out the site. I am not there yet but did manage to add a lot of good information from the last post. After reviewing every link that was given to me I have updated a few of the sections to reflect the new information.
The one thing that I have removed for the moment is the section on discord communities and radio shows as it will take some time to organise and get it set up properly. That will be the next big task on my list. That and making the site look a bit better. For now it is functional but the end goal is to have it look professional.


With that in mind I have added some of the new and interesting aspects that have come to my attention over the past week.


New to STEEM: Kryptogamers

While kryptogamers is not entirely new to the blockchain they have just added a new dimension to their site. Previously they had both a dice game and a fully functioning blackjack game. Now however they have also added the ridiculously fun video poker. It runs the same as the old video games you could play and has a nice payout if you can hit one of the bigger hands. Well worth trying out and you also earn GAME tokens for any STEEM staked which will pay out dividends going forward. We have other gambling sites but this has the largest selection of games and the best option in my opinion.

New to STEEM: Cupz

A very simple game in the vein of the old street trick often seen in tourist areas. You are up against two other players to guess which cup the ball is under. With a 1 in 3 chance of winning it is fun and easy. There is also a 1 on 1 game against the computer if that is your fancy.


New to STEEM: Next Colony

This is the latest game to be released on the blockchain and one which has been awaited with a lot of expectation. It is a build based game with the player trying to build up their space colony through a combination of time, resources and buying build packages. You start off on your planet and as you grow will try to expand your base and set off into the vast reaches of space to build and conquer.

While the game is new and a long way from the finished article it is always nice to get in early and build a strong base position before they release the next wave of features such as battles and items. It is slow to start off as unless you buy packages there is a long waiting game to get anything built. I'm still in the trial stages of the game but have been building all week. One for the future.

Interesting Users

Thanks to your help I have come across some great users and communities to add into the list but i'm also sure that there are plenty more out there. I have added an application form on the site for anybody wanting to get listed under the categories but for now I am happy to take names in the comments section. These are the users added since my last update.

This is what I have put together so far. What I would love as the end result is a full list of all apps/websites linked to the blockchain. A list of multiple user categories with 30 - 50 steemians in each one that are active and enjoyable to follow. I think it would be a great tool, especially for people new to the blockchain to find their way.

What I need

What I need from the community is information.

I need any missing apps/ tools/ websites to complete the list.

I need more users for each category. 30+ in every section to get a good variation.

If you think that you fit into it please leave a link to your profile with a description of your profile in just a couple of sentences.

If there is somebody that you follow and think should be on the site please tag them here or put in a link and description to their account.

The next section that I will be working on fully is the discord section. I am in quite a lot of them already but if you have one that you feel is right for the community and you have not seen my name in there then please let me know. I will check it out and see where it's fits into the picture.

To anybody that I've tagged here that doesn't want to be displayed feel free to let me know and i will take you out or if there are any changes you would like to your profile.

Let's work together and make this blockchain as good as we possibly can.




I have been checking it out every once in a while and it is looking great! I will ensure to see people over as part of the onboarding process for new users that I often curate!

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That's great thanks. The next step is to make it look a bit better as I keep adding to it. Try to give the whole thing a facelift but it's fun learning how to do everything as I go along.

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This is such an awesome project and I am glad you are keeping us at PYPT notified of the progress! It's something that can help so many folks! Bravo! 🙌

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

Hi thekittygirl the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Thank you for the inclusion @niallon11 :)

And from the tip of my memory. I would like to suggest you can check the blogs of the veteran bloggers @denmarkguy & @quillfire like a pair more of interesting steemians that I suspect you would like to ornament your website with as sources of wise entertaining and fine readings.

Cheers!! :)

@por500bolos & @niallon11,

Por, thanks for the shout out, mate.

Niallon11, SteemTransfer seems like an interesting project. Great Curation, in whatever form, is as important to the future of the blochchain as is Great Creation. I wish we has more initiatives like your own.


It's my pleasure @quillfire. :)

Great content from folks like you is exactly what we need around here to force these "curators" to actually READ. Hahahaha

Thanks @quillfire I am just trying to create something useful and fun. Hopefully it can be used as a tool for steemians going forward.

No worries your profile is a great fit to the site and its starting to fill out nicely. I'll check out the two guys and try to get them in as well.

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Thank you @niallon11. :)

You are doing a great job there mate. And the more jewels of authors are featured on your website, the better. 👌

Howdy tonight niallon11! My highest recommendation for writer as far as pure comedy and entertainment is the great @meesterboom. In my opinion he is the most skilled, prolific, and gifted creative writer on the platform.

Lovely. Another one for next week. Thanks for the suggestion.

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howdy niallon11! You are very welcome and thank you for all your work!

Thanks for including me in photography! A couple of my favorite photographers are @rossfletcher and @kunschj
I have lots more suggestions if you want more!

Thanks for the mention Melinda. I'm honored.

My pleasure! 🙂I do admire your photography!

And I yours :-)

Thanks @melinda010100, I will check them out and feel free to recommend anybody that you like. I will check out everybody that gets mentioned and try to fit them in here.

Thanks for putting this all together!

No worries. Im just hoping that people will spread the word and have it there for people to use.

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I'll do what I can to help! Keep tagging me so that I am sure to see it!

@niallon11 thanks much for listing me as a photographer

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@solominer, No worries. Good to have you on here and hope to keep growing the site going forward.


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