Chapter 13

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In order to take the ancient book of this line, Li Mingshan already has half of the body in the passage. At this time, Li Mingshan bit his teeth, and the whole person quickly broke into the passage of only half a person, the iron gate. Close now. This is closed from the break to the iron gate, not for half a second. Obviously... This move, Li Mingshan has practiced many times.

"Call, call."

Hiding in a small secret room with only two or three square feet, Li Mingshan was slightly relieved.

"Fortunately, Laozi has been prepared, I believe he will not kill me? Hehe." Li Mingshan CHI laughed.

Li Mingshan had already thought about what to do once someone had to kill himself. In this small secret room, there are many items such as bank cards, so as to attract the killer, he himself fled.

Whenever Li Mingshan believes in himself.

It is precisely because of this almost dripping preparation that Li Mingshan has not fallen for more than 20 years.

"WENG~~" Suddenly the generous, steel-steel iron gate with a thickness of five centimeters suddenly flew toward him.

Five-centimeter-thick steel iron gates are impossible for bullets to penetrate. If Lu Yu wants to rely on brute force to penetrate the steel iron gate, I am afraid that he will have to make the most violent ‘hu cannon boxing’, but he does not need to do this because... it is very difficult to shatter the bolt.

A figure slammed in.

"Brother, you..." Li Mingshan even talked.

"Oh." Very slight voice, his temple position, a bloody hole appeared.

Li Mingshan’s eyes were round and round, and he couldn’t move.

Lu Yu did not look at him, and turned away and quietly left.

Lu Yu rented a living room in the living room.

"I don't know what this Millennium Chronicle tells. This Liu Yan is indeed a master of the Republic of China. I know this." Lu Yu is curious, practicing internal school boxing, natural, Lu Yu has some history. Famous people also know something.

Liu Yan, who has a nickname 'Liu Shen Monkey', is a rare master of the Monkey Boxing School. In the same year, he was equal to the status of Sun Lutang and other people.

Since it was written by Liu Yan, Lu Yu naturally has the power to watch it.

Open this "Millennium Chronicle", the text is traditional Chinese characters. Because many ancient books are traditional characters, Lu Yu is taught in ‘Teng Bolei’, and Teng Bolei is also living abroad. It is also a traditional Chinese character, and will naturally teach Lu Yu’s traditional Chinese characters. Reading this traditional Chinese book, Lu Yu has no difficulty.

"I really don't know, this Liushen monkey is actually a sneak door."

Lu Yu quickly flipped through it, because what was described earlier in this Millennium Chronicle is almost always something in the history of the Thief. Looking through about a third, Lu Yu began to stop. Because the title from this chapter turned out to be - the martial arts millennium.

"According to the history of my stolen door, and the martial arts chronicle I discovered, I found that from ancient times to the present, this has become less and less difficult and more difficult."

Lu Yu saw this sentence and could not help but secretly nod.

"Also, the history of internal school boxing, although the major sects have allegedly have a thousand years, in fact, the longest internal school boxing 'Tai Chi Chuan', was also created by the Ming Dynasty Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, less than a thousand years ago. I Huaxia V In the millennium history, internal school boxing has only appeared in the past millennium. What about thousands of years before?"

Lu Yu saw it and could not help but resonate.

Xia Shang Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States, Qin and Han, the Three Kingdoms, the two Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Sui and Tang Dynasties...

In this dynasty, do people rely on brute force to fight?

Lu Yu does not believe it.

For example, those fierce players in the Sui and Tang Dynasties can easily swing the stone lions with both hands. This waves the stone lion, and lifting it up is two concepts. Like a normal ordinary person, he can lift a hundred pounds of rice, but let him hold a ten-pound dumbbell in one hand and let him wave freely. He feels uncomfortable.

This is to wave a thousand stone lions, at least at least to have the strength to lift.

It is Lu Yu, who is now working hard to dance the stone lion, and it is impossible to continue fighting for a long time.

During the Three Kingdoms period, some of the fierce players could rely on the power of one person to rush into the thousands of horses and murder. This is incredible. The strength of a person is limited. How can I ignore the thousands of troops?

"Yes, this is the history of internal school boxing for nearly a thousand years. How many thousands of years ago?" Lu Yu’s heart is also puzzled, and the more he looks down.

“I spent more than a decade collecting information and finally got a clear inference.”

"My inference is that from the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the aura between heaven and earth is sharply reduced!"

Lu Yu saw this and could not help but wonder.

"According to many of the information I found, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States, the Qin and Han Dynasties, etc., there is no such thing as internal school boxing. At that time, the strong people absorbed the essence of the heavens and earth, that is, the heaven and earth aura, 'refining the gas', making the body produce Internal strength. With the cultivation, the internal strength is getting stronger and stronger, and the meridians are opened up until the day after tomorrow."

"After the day, Dacheng’s inner strength is strong, and the internal strength is rolling, and the tyranny is extreme."

"When the mysterious mud pill palace in my mind opened up and began to 'refine the gas,' the man's 'god' was merged with the inner strength, and it was tempered in Dantian, and gradually transformed into a congenital element, becoming a powerful congenital. Strong."

"Innate strong, constantly quenching the real yuan, the real yuan is constantly tempered in Dantian, the first stage is the 'virtual Dan' realm, when the real element condenses into a solid, that is the second stage 'real Dan' realm, this real Dan After many times of tempering, we can reach the third stage of 'Golden Dan'. The innate Jindan strong, that is, the peak of the strong! With incredible strength. According to ancient legends, one person rushed into the army, one person alone tens of thousands The great army is the innate strong."

Lu Yu saw it, it was incredible!

How can it be?

The day after tomorrow, innate?

The ‘God’ and ‘Inner’s’ of this person can be turned into a ‘congenital element’.

This congenital realm is actually divided into three stages: ‘virtual Dan’, ‘real Dan’ and 'Golden Dan’.

"In ancient times, the so-called 'Golden Avenue' refers to this. When it enters Jindan Avenue, it is the real peak."

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

I am afraid I can only say this, otherwise some celebrities in history, such as ‘the more women’, such as ‘Xie Yu’ and other superpowers, cannot explain why they are so powerful. There are also many records, which refer to the ancient cultivators of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors as ‘refiners.’

It is estimated that it is also refining the heaven and earth aura.

Lu Yu continued to read.

"But from the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the aura of heaven and earth began to drop sharply."

"So many heroes in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the heroes should be the last batch of super strong. For example, Li Yuanba, Qin Qiong and others, only to reach the innate realm, it is estimated that you can wield a huge thing without feeling tired." Also caused Lu Yu to resonate.

He is already the limit of the world, with a stone lion in his hands, wielding a heavy weight, and fighting for a long time. Lu Yu did not ask himself.

"And according to the records of the various sects, after the Sui and Tang Dynasties, there were fewer and fewer strong people. Later, even a congenital strongman never appeared again. After the Song Dynasty began, even the world’s aura was absorbed, and the inner strength was almost refining. It's impossible."

Lu Yu looked at the dark sigh.

First, no one can reach innate, and later, it is impossible to cultivate.

"The less the strong, the more the Song Dynasty is weak. Since this absorbs the aura of the heavens and the earth, the inner strength of cultivation does not work. Then my people in the Song Dynasty will certainly find another way to go."

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“In ancient times, practicing physical strength was just a talented person who did not enter the stream. It is almost impossible to generate internal strength by exercising physical strength. It is too difficult to be 'outside and inside'.”

"But since we simply absorb the aura of the heavens and the earth, we can't do it with internal strength. This has made generations of generations of people of all ages into it. As time goes by, there are people who can rely on a series of means such as standing piles to produce For example, in ancient times, the Song Dynasty warfare 'Yue Fei' was a warrior who developed internal strength."

"But in the Song Dynasty, the internal school boxing was just a prototype. Only a few days of pride can be used to develop internal strength. As for the whole body meridians, it is impossible to reach the realm of the guru."

"After a brief Yuan Dynasty, in the early Ming Dynasty, Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, should be the first one, the internal school boxing cultivation to the peak, to get through the body meridians, muscles, membranes, bones and muscles, all the masters of the practice of the limit. Also from this Since the time, the internal school boxing system has finally been perfected, and then Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Bashuquan... many fists have also appeared one by one."

Lu Yu was embarrassed to see the tail from the beginning.

He can only sigh -

The ability of people to adapt to the environment is indeed very strong.

In ancient times, the heavens and the earth were full of aura, and people learned to absorb the aura of the heavens and the earth, to develop internal strength, and even to practice the innate element.

But the heavens and the earth are sharply reduced, what should humans do?

After hundreds of years of exploration, I don’t know how many talented people are wasting their youthful time, and they gradually have internal school boxing!

Up to nowadays, the system of internal school boxing cultivation has been perfected. There is even a magical secret that can only be cultivated by the masters of "Tiger-shaped Tongshen", "Xuanwu Shishijin" and "Fish-Dragon".

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the people of that time, can you imagine that you can cultivate from the outside to the inside?

"In fact, this cultivation process is the process of 'refining refined gas' and 'refining gas.' In ancient times, the 'fine' of this refined gas refers to the essence of heaven and earth, referring to the aura of heaven and earth. But now, This 'fine' refers to the blood of the human body!

Liu Yan described in the book, "Underall, it can't be absorbed from the outside, only absorb the blood in the human body." Therefore, most of the strongmen who practice internal school boxing can eat very much. It is normal to eat half a roast sheep. Because they want to refine a lot of blood, they have to eat more. ”

Lu Yu nodded secretly.

Indeed, he is very capable of eating himself.

Practice internal school boxing, the first to be physically strong, blood and sufficient, when the blood is sufficient to a certain extent, can gradually refine into internal strength.


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