Enjoying the record warm Norway

in #blog3 years ago

It was 20 degrees celcius today in Norway. Record warm for this time of year. 😎 I visited my mother and was enjoying a few hours today of sun on my pale skin, being careful not to burn myself. 😵 I feel little warm in my face but looks fine.


Sorry for the hairy chest pic 😜


Good to get some sun on the pale back too. 😍


Enjoy your self. I am tired of the sun for now. It rained today so I was indoors most of the time.

The hairy chest is alright

I am definitely not tired of the sun, after the Norwegian winter. It is kind of funny in Norway. At the end of summer you are tired of sun and heat, and at the end of winter you are tired of no sun and cold.

Oh thanks, glad to hear you think the hairy chest is alright ;)

Norway is in Europe Yh?

I can only imagine the cold!

You look really handsome, I think you had a moments .

Thank you :)

20-25 is good. Higher than that I just want to swim or go inside with air conditioning.

You dont want to know how cold the water is now. But no problem for us vikings.

Here we face around 40 to 45 degrees and sometimes it gives really tough time and literally speaking 20 degrees are really chilled time for us. Enjoy the time and thanks for sharing. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you. Wow 40 to 45 degrees. I wish I could just flip a switch some times and change between different temperatures, like 40 to 45 in the middle of the winter.

Ha ha, it would be fun for sure. 🙂

hahaha you need to come to South America baby, believe that you never complain anymore of the sun in Norway.
Here we cry so that even a breeze hits

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You need the sun of Latinos.