Environmentally friendly transport to the cabin

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For the weekend trip to the cabin with my parents I decided we use my car. By using my car we would avoid toll road fees and fuel costs for probably around 1000 NOK. Me being gentleman, I picked them up in their home 30 minutes in wrong direction, so 1 hour extra drive for me. No problem, I like driving.

2/3 of the way we stopped at a Tesla Super charge station for a rest. Used restroom and bought ice cream and little walk. Charged from 40% to 85% (about 200 km) in about 30 minutes. For free. Like electricity in Norway is not cheap enough already.


The cabin in the woods. The car is pretty much the only modern thing here.

Oh noe. Dirtyyyyy. Is it blue or gray? So much dust and its so warm and dry weather. This baby needs a wash when we are back home.

Fits right in. No pollution!

Charging a little bit by slow charge.


Great car it is.
And great place also, you are so lucky by having such an amazing place.
Best of luck, hope you enjoy a lot with your parents. Take care of them and wash your car also bcz baby will be ill due to dust.
Its such a modern car, i mean baby lol 😉

Yeah, I will take care of the parents and my baby too, of course ;)

this car is actually a modern thing, amazing car man..

Charged from 40% to 85% (about 200 km) in about 30 minutes. For free.

this is simply insane, such huge battery with fast charging is an amazing thing engineer's have came up with, salute to the engineers man, they deserve it,
I'm getting interested in these cars man, so eco friendly and environment friendly 😍

Yes, it is very amazing. Even faster chargers are coming for newer cars, charging this much may take only 5 or 10 minutes in a year or two for the fastest charge type and car that supports it. A charge station that supports these speeds have been installed one place in Norway. However the high speeds are not enabled yet because engineers have to finish new type of cable and cars that support it.

I can really recommend a Tesla, I am so happy with it.

How does the slow charge work? With a regular plug or you needed a custom charger installed at the cabin?

A regular plug. You just have to be careful and limit the charge power to what your power outlet and fuse will handle, so you do not have any fire accidents. For example most sockets are able to take 10 amperage loads without burning, and fuses are usually minimum that in Norway, many are 16 amperage. You must be sure not to overload your fuse so it goes, unless it is modern automatic fuse. Be safe and charge where nothing else is in use, like floor warmer which can take lots of power. Also if you use an extension cord from the socket to the car charging cable you must be sure it can handle the load too.

A general rule is that you are safe if you set the limit in the car to 8 amperage. In our case the fuse was 16 amperage, nothing else use the same course, the socket is pretty new so it should definitely be able to handle even more than 10 amp. However the extension cord was rated to max 10 amperage. You always have to find the weakest link. So I set 8 amperage. You can chose anything between 5 amperage and 13 amperage. Slower charge is better for the car battery too, Tesla super charge every day is more damaging than slow or medium charge speeds at home every day. Especially at higher battery percentage, if you charge all way up to 100%, it is recommended to charge to max 90% most of the time too. Because we was going on a long trip home, in the evening when I knew it would be near 100% when we leave even if i reduce it to 5 amperage, I did.

Open the picture in a new tab, or copy link to image and go to it. You can then zoom in and you can see the electrical cable coming from the cable socket on the house, which ends up in the car after that long extension cable. I could have put the car closer and not used the extension cable. But I wanted to have the car in the shadow most of the day so it does not get very overheated and sun inside.

Man I wish I had a place like this I could spend weekends in. This is a great place to relax. Living in woods is full of adventure, everything is pollution less and fresh air.
The car looks beautiful though dirty, but dirty is not always bad. So chill and enjoy the woods

Dirty is bad. I am considering getting a ceramic coating for paint protection. Makes dirt not attract that easy and much easier to clean.

Quiero estar en esa vivienda...

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I am literally speaking your parents are living in an place which is nothing less than paradise because this place is so natural and in my opinion the fresh air, natural essence all the time and pollution free environment help them to stay peacefully, and yes after driving so long it's obvious that we will find the greyness colour of dust but after an wash it will shine again and for sure will reflect as super blue car. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

No, my parents are not living there. I said it is a cabin.

Apologies, i missed that while watching these beautiful pictures.

No need to apologize :)

Cool pics man, attracted by the greeneries so much.

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