Got my garage parking back

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I had my garage rented out to a neighbour while I didnt have a car myself.

Finally I got it back for my new car. The only thing I will miss with guest parking is the space.


This parking is very tight. I get claustrophobia from parking there.


Try to fit another Tesla Model X between here. Gotta love tight parking garages. Typical Oslo.


Congratulations for your new car brother. In my opinion, most of the people hold the car for many years and create an great bonding, i hope that you will also have great journey with your car. I have seen many car owners who hold there car for life time, and yes this garage is reflecting as an bunker. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks. I am pretty sure I will hold it for a long time, but unlikely for a life time. Because old cars get issues that cost more than getting rid of the car in the end. I will more likely sell it after some years to upgrade to the newest model. I also want a Tesla Roadster in 2020 so I will be working towards reaching that goal as well as a second car to this one. This parking lot is really old and look like a bunker yeah hehe.

Great man, good luck and wishes for your all your future plans. 🙂

You should have tried angle parking that too 45 degree, it makes parking and unparking manoeuvres easy.

I did that before when I was borrowing a Tesla and had the parking behind that i borrowed from my closest neighbour.

It is not possible witg my parking. Because if I reverse, driver side will be towards the wall and I would have to climb out the passenger side. Reversing through the whole garage is also annoying.

congratulations on buying a new tesla model, this is really cool, this really kooks amazing man, congratulations that you have built up a new parking lot, this will help alot man...

Thanks. I did not build a parking lot. This is the common parking lot between the apartments. My apartment own this parking space in there.

this is cool man, anyways have a great day 😊

congratulations on your new car. I guess it is the blue one eh?

Thanks. Yes it is the blue one. Tesla Model X

ok sir. It's a really nice car

Congratulations on your new [email protected]

Best regards