Visiting my grandma on mother side on wednesday, like the good old times

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When I was studying in college, I came to visit my grandma every wednesday.
She was alone every wednesday because her man take care of a disabled person.
So I came to keep her company for a dinner, a talk, and I also had to work.

Sadly, last year I did not visit her every wednesday anymore.
Now it was time to get back to it. I missed it so much.
She is an amazing grandma. She is very kind, smart, understanding, helpful, cute.
And she make some amazing dishes, like you are about to see.


When I came here, I was greeted with lunch. Crab with mayonnaise and salad.
It was delicious.


For dinner, pork chop cooked in tomato, onion, garlic and carrot.
Soo much good stuff on top so you nearly cannot see the pork chop.
Very tender, amazing taste. She always make good dinner.

She didn't let me take a picture of her. Because she didn't put makeup :P


I'm a very positive person. My grandmother taught me that happiness is both a skill and a decision, and you are responsible for the outcome. I think you should visit her more often, that would make her happy and you will get quality food. It's great that's you visit her, people forget those who brought them up when life gets a little busier.

so much gorgeous food..
i want to eat dear..

so much healthy food..
thanks [email protected] for sharing..

for such a lovely food
you should visit her more often!
bdw your visit would have increased her happiness much more!

so good and healthy home made food your grandma made for you.Hope you are enjoying the amazing taste.
After all enjoy and

Good Night.

Awww. So cute. I love cats.

wow !! mayonnaise and salad was looking so yummy. Though i don't have any idea about it's taste but it was looking so good. Your dinner food was good too. It's really a good luck to having a grandma like that.
@olsm You are such a lucky person .

Your Grandma cocked really well my grandma also cock for me like that. she always cock for me many delicious dishes.your article again reminded me of her cause she is now away from me.However that was funny

She didn't let me take a picture of her. Because she didn't put makeup :P

It was proving that you have a great relation with your grandma, enjoy your food and

Good Night.

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Crab with mayonnaise and salad. Very nice, wonderful food, thank you so much

Great to hear that and yes, in my opinion every grand parents love their grand children and they love to take care of them. And this Wednesday Series is something great to hear because when we visit somewhere on daily basis then the surprise essence vanishes from their but when we visit somewhere once for an week then definitely that will brings that surprise essence in an relationship. And yes these dishes are reflecting awesome and great in appearance. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Besides the sweet talks, the food looks lovely. That's what Grandma's are good at.

The food look really delicious i think you had a great time with you grandma.
Thanks for sharing.

Good job @ilsm. Dinner photography is looking delicious. It will better for your grandma. I want to see your grandma photography.

woo what food is a friend.
looks so good.

have never tried aceh cuisine, friend

your grandma is amazing and the food is glorious