What a beautiful day, with a nice date, car driving, bicycling and sunset at the beach

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Today was a beautiful day. It was 21 degrees and sun all day. Thats crazy for this time of the year in Norway.

I had the best date so far today. With a very beautiful Norwegian girl. I was very nervous in the beginning, what a beauty. She was so nice to talk with. I felt good attraction and it seems like she is very interested too. We watched a funny movie and went out for a short walk and sit on bench a little. I offered her a ride to Oslo because her back was little sore from her hard exam periods in school. Lucky girl.


Me on the way back home. I look cool. She liked my sunglasses too. She loves blue she said.


Finally. I went to the nearby beach, Hvervenbukta, in the evening. For a fun electric bicycle ride and to see the sunset. It is so beautiful. I felt so relaxed.


Safety first. Think about the consequence to family and friends if you die.


Another picture of the beautiful sunset.


You are very much like an actor has when wearing glasses ..

Thanks. It is very nice to hear you think I look like an actor with sunglasses. :D

Excelent! you did one of my hobbies is to ride a bicycle, ride a bike in a place that abounds nature is magical, rejuvenates the soul and body. The bicycle is a curious vehicle. The passenger is his engine, I prefer a thousand times to ride a bicycle than in a car

This is a bicycle with an engine though, although it is an electric engine. However, the amazing thing is you can go farther distances and you can control better how much exercise you get yourself. Before, I had just normal bicycle, but I upgraded to electric bicycle after moving out and I got longer distances to school and family. The feeling of bicycling with the speed and air and view is amazing.

A day we'll spent. A beautiful girl, a car ride with her, a bicycle ride and enjoying in the beach. Man the photograph is absolutely wonderful, sunsets are amazing. You look good too

Thank you :)

I hope you really enjoyed the date, and in my opinion you took great decision of visiting beach to ride the electric bicycle because the view and the colours are reflecting so pleasing and picture perfect. And yes the safety is the priority because we have to act responsibly because if something happens to an individual, it effects his/her whole family and friends. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks. :)

Welcome. 🙂

Yes, look at the smile on your face. She must be a real cutie!

She was for sure :D