Campfires 🔥 Taking Awareness.

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I believe that everyone who has never camped pictures the typical night gathering around the campfire.

However, this is exactly what shouldn’t be done when camping in
national parks, and in any protected area.

The fires leave scars in the landscape and ruin the visual appealing of the place,
besides being an actual risk for the whole ecosystem.

But if it has to be done, there are some tips that should be considered, such as that they should never be placed under trees or near dry vegetation. You should only use the spots that are already enabled for that purpose and in addition, the fire should be kept in a small space under all time supervision, avoiding large flames; It is also advisable to have plenty of water, dirt or sand on hand in order to extinguish those flames in case of an emergency.

If this practice is something that really catches your attention, the best thing you can do is to learn about the subject as much as you can, there are many ways to do a campfire without causing big damages, it's just a matter of self-education.

And anyway, for me the ideal thing in these situations where the fire is necessary, is to use a gas stove, although of course they require a previous investment.

In this particular case I’m showing you in my pics, we made our camp in a private property where they let us use the trunks of fallen pine trees as firewood🌲, I know it looks pretty cool but please do not do it where it is forbidden.

Let's take good care of the beauty we have left!

It's all about enjoying these moments that we experience as we enter deep into nature.

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See you next time!

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