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And here we thought we would drive back down to the coast of Montenegro to catch up with family and some dear friends of ours. But the universe had other ideas of course.

Could have guessed it by the way that friction occurred yesterday when getting ready to leave the place we stayed at for more than a week now. Things were pack-able but the drive seemed to be missing. Entirely.

Did some voluntary chores and mowed the lawn, got our stuff together and packed our camper van for departure, a 3 hour drive down to the coast again. Meeting our tribe once more and checking out whether any significant amounts of tourists had made it into the country the past two weeks.

I took the wheel and we made it down a good 5 miles or so before the clutch went crazy. It had happened once before right after the quarantine, but this time our lovely Sprinter did not want to recover so easily. No clutch registering, no gear able to be put in.

And so we stood, confronted with the situation that all our human plans were out the window and that we might have to move back to the house of our friends we had just been at for 10 days or so.

A few calls were made and all signs seemed apparent that it was exactly what needed to happen.

Our van is sitting with a mechanic now (connections are everything), we have the whole beautiful house to ourselves and the universe has literally forced this alone-time for my woman and me, something we really wanted to happen somehow. Thought we would take that hiatus along the way here and there but we're obviously not done here and so we are back.

Expecting a fully fixed car next week, and I feel gloriously abundant even in light of the approaching bill for the mechanic. He seems a good man and the universe will provide, not only to him but to us and thereby to him. All eyes on BTC hehe, the major continuation break upside would come in freakin' handy in the next days. But even without it I feel more and more I can let go of the need to control things and instead feel serene in the moments of challenge and forceful change of direction my life is thrown into on days when I thought I was going to the coast only to find that the universe never fully agreed to it.

BUT: The leaving, the attempting to go was an essential part of it. Had we stayed without trying, we would not have made use of the connection we have in this town to get an inexpensive fixup of a car we intend to drive far and long. And it would have caught up with us in a place with less favorable parameters. Fixing the car at the end of the world.

It kinda feels like Christmas, and the way most people would interpret our situation would be anything but. What a marvelous time to be alive.

Here's to you, universe. Making all things happen exactly the way they should.
Something big is coming and the surroundings we are finding ourselves in begin to resemble where we want to go more and more by the day. Brought to us by unforeseen forks in the road we are taking with increasingly aware ease and absence of worry.


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