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Before I dive straight back into the pool that is the internet, only to emerge half a day later, not sure about what I've done with my day... I'll write a blog post!

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These have been few and far between. There was a time where I wrote a blog about 'whatever the fudge I had been up to' almost daily. I am still amazed at how I was able to fill a blog post a day with my not-so-eventful life.

To be honest, my head feels full already this morning, which does not help me much when trying to think of what to write and how to write it. I'll admit I already dipped my toes into that internet pool this morning and I've already done many things I can hardly remember. Something to do with extra tags for my Redbubble products, adding to my Pinterest page (feel free to follow me there!), and also boasting about my sale on my Facebook page. /advertisement

Oh! I also wrote an e-mail, which is an excellent place to really get this blog started. You know I applied for a job a little while ago, right? There was a job interview, then there was a second job interview and then they told me they had to think things over. Basically, I'm not their perfect candidate. In my eyes, the perfect candidate is someone with enough knowledge and skills to be a consultant, which pays a lot more than a job in one company. So I'm not sure if they'll be able to find their perfect candidate, but I'm certainly not it. There's the thing where I don't know the application yet, but that's something that I can learn. There's also the thing where I'm not a project manager. Now that is something I won't be able to learn any time soon. I'm smart and I can do a lot of things, but being a leader kinda person is not one of those things. They do want that though, so now they are deciding whether or not they can somehow get me and have someone else do project management things.

It's been two weeks now and they haven't decided yet. I have been thinking about this and my enthousiasm for this job has been dropping steadily. Talking to hubby in the car yesterday evening, I made my mind up and decided for them.

So this morning, I sent them an e-mail, saying I don't want to be a candidate for this job anymore. I'm not a good fit, otherwise they would have decided sooner. There's too much pressure build up there and that is not a good way to start for someone's first job when returning to the field after a burnout.

Instead, I applied to another job. I'm not sure yet if I'm a good fit there, because the job description wasn't clear enough for me to make a good judgement on that. So, I wrote my doubts in the application letter and figured they could decide based on my description of me.

In other news, yesterday was kinda messy. See on tuesday, someone came to check on our ehm... heating system? Everything was fine and we now have a maintenance contract, which is pretty nice. Then yesterday, I did laundry. Now our laundry machine is in a seperate little storage area, as is the heating system. This place is accessible from outside, next to our front door, so I drop the laundry in and close the door until it's ready to be picked up and hung to dry, a few hours later.

So, I opened the door to grab the laundry, but oh no! The floor was filled with water!

My first thoughts were "Bah, what a mess!", followed by "Atleast it's tiled..." and then "Hey, if the machine is broken, I can finally get a new one!".

I started mopping up the water and slowly, I started to put things together. See, there were drops up higher on the machine door, not a place I would think water could access if it was a problem with the machine. So I looked around and there it was, the hose sticking out of the drain pipe, instead of in the drain pipe, as it should be. Turns out that for some reason, the mechanic had taken out the hose and never put it back in.


Not too long after, while still mopping up, I lost power to the house. The electrical installation is also in this same area and it had probably felt a couple of drops too.

It switched back on a little while later and I haven't had any problems since, but I'm not using the washer today. The machine is super heavy and I am far from strong enough to move it from its spot, so I'm afraid it's still a little damp under it. The door has been open all day yesterday and will be open all day today, so I'll feel safe enough to use it again tomorrow.

So after cleaning up that mess, I went to hang the laundry upstairs and then did nothing. Then hubby came to pick me up for dinner at his dad's and we had a nice time with the family there.

Today is less messy. Tomorrow will be a slow day too and then on saturday, there's family stuff with hubby's family in the morning and mine in the afternoon and evening. Mum's coming to pick us up and we'll head over to my brother to have dinner with the four of us. That'll be fun! Apparently my brother is doing better than he has been in a long while, so that's great news. I'm happy to see him again. He's still a long-ish drive away and seeing as hubby works 5 days a week, I don't want to stress him out too much during the weekend, so we don't make the long drives to my family very often. So, saturday will be good!

Okay, I think that's enough for me to proof to myself I can still write a half-decent blog. Hope you've enjoyed the update!

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I certainly enjoyed the update @playfulfoodie.

Sounds like you're making some good decisions re job hunting. Before I'd read what you'd decided I was having doubts about whether they would be a good employer given how long they take to make up their minds.

Glad you found the source of your leak and you've got heating.

Have a great week! 😊

Thank you so much for your reply here @gillianpearce. Hearing from others who think this was a good decision makes me feel even better about making it. I'll find something else eventually :-)

Hope you're doing well!

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