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I don't know how to start!

That's a bad way to start this, isn't it?

Header sunrise

How about we just jump right in?

I had my job interview on friday. It went well. I'll get invited back for a second interview next week. I have a good feeling about this. If that interview goes well, I'm pretty much certain about getting the job, so fingers crossed!

This job has a lot less pressure I think. I'll be able to learn about the application from someone already managing it, so I won't be solely responsible for it, atleast not right from the start. I'll be able to ease into in, which is definitely something I very much want right now. The people also seem more... friendly? Laid back? I'm not sure how to describe it best, but it felt more comfortable to me than that last place.

We went shopping yesterday for a pretty pair of pants I wanted and I also got myself a skirt, just in case I do get the job. Dresscode for ladies is skirts, no pants... Yuck! But I'll manage. Just gotta expand my wardrobe.

We also visited hubby's cousin and his girlfriend. They now officially live together and we weren't able to visit their party for it last week, so we headed over there yesterday morning. I haven't spoken to them much yet, but they are nice people and we had a good time.

Then we grabbed lunch, then was shopping and Pokemon Go, then we picked up hubby's best friend and headed back home to watch The Hobbit Extended Edition. We watched the first movie and I loved the extra parts. They added a little extra depth to the story.

Then we had pumpkin pasta and then we drove hubby's friend back home. He had left behind a gift for us, which he didn't give to us in person. He had just taken it out of his bag, dropped it on the table and refused to return it to his bag when we brought him home. Because that's how gift giving works! It turned out to be a box set of three Tolkien books. Stories I don't know yet, so I'm looking forward to reading them! What a nice gift!

Today, we'll take things easy. We're probably going to play Ark's new map! It got released a little while ago and we had to update the game with our slow connection. Hubby let his pc run for a couple of hours last night in the hope that the game will be done downloading now. I hope so, it's gonna be fun checking out the new map.

I think we're all caught up now! I'll post this little random blog and get myself some breakfast.

Hope you're all doing well!

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