I need your opinion - Bonus material: Another kitchen disaster

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I've got something to show you and I need your opinion on it.

I've been so busy this morning, I forgot to have breakfast. I've been messing around in Photoshop and I've also been busy trying out a recipe for turkish delight.

Let's start with the recipe for turkish delight. Basically, it turned out to be a real disaster. It was a recipe for the microwave. This person said she had been using this recipe for microwave strenghts varying between 700-1000, so deciding between my 630 and 900 was easy, I went for 900, which is max for my microwave.

Now I had to microwave the mixture multiple times and add some ingredients once in a while. It went great at first! Milky white mixture was good, then the added lemon and microwave times turned it into a bright, yellow, translucent mixture. Great!

Then, I had to microwave and mix until the mixture became thick enough so that it wouldn't crawl back into the corners. 'This might take a while' the recipe said. So I microwaved and mixed. And I microwaved and mixed some more. At some point, my mixture started turning darker. That didn't look good. I had seen this color before when trying to make candy without a candy thermometer. But my mixture was still not thick enough. So I microwaved some more.

When I opened up the microwave again, There were even more bubbles than there had been each and every time before. Higher too. So high, it turned out, that it had boiled over.

So, now everything was sticky! I took everything out and finished the next step of the recipe just for the heck of it, though it really doesn't taste anywhere near how it should be tasting. Then, I took out the loose parts of the microwave, feeling very lucky it has this loose turning disk which caught all of the sticky mess, and I started cleaning. Most is in my dishwasher now.


So that was my cooking disaster. No more microwave turkish delight for me, I'll just try cooking it on the stove next time. The thing is, this recipe called for a lot of sugar and I am almost out now, while I still wanted to bake this afternoon. So I'll have to go for a sugarfree or 'lower on sugar' kinda thing. I guess that's good, seeing as that is how I started out my journey into baking after all.

The other thing I have been doing this morning, and the thing I need your help with, is this image I made in Photoshop.

I have been wanting to make some kind of 'logo', name kinda thing to place on... well, whatever. A while ago I created one I could put on designs as a sort of watermark if I ever wanted to, but that didn't hold my complete Playfulfoodie name on it, so that wouldn't do.

This morning, I made this:

Playfulfoodie Example.png

Ofcourse the original is much bigger and a png without background, but this is just the example image.

Now I would love to know what you think of this. Should I keep it? Change certain things? Throw it out and start fresh?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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First, about your kitchen disaster, it's because that's not how Turkish Delight is made. You need to dress in all white, then pour a drop of some magical liquid out of a strange silver flask to the ground, then you'll have your Turkish Delight. Also, if there's happen to be a boy around, ask him whether he has 3 cousins.

Now for your logo, I think it looks good as it is. It's simple, states your name/brand and what you make/do clearly because of the food cover. But if you're not satisfied with it... maybe you could make it with more than two colours to make it look more, you know, playful.

Oh my gosh, if only I had known! Your way sounds more likely to create such a magical candy. Now where to find a silver flask...

Thanks for the feedback on the logo! I've actually tried to keep it in one color, so it'll be easier to place it anywhere I need to in either black or white. Maybe I'll create a color version aswell though, it is a nice idea!

P.S.: 100% upvote for awesome-est reply ever!

Oh right, I forgot about the placements. Yeah it might be better to keep it one colour. I like your version with the cherries below, replacing the o's with them looks really cool and creative!

And... whoa, thanks for the upvote! I hope you get the reference though, so I don't laugh to my own joke all by myself XD

Could you maybe may a couple more @playfulfoodie so we'd have something to compare it with?

Have a fun day! Although it sounds like you already are. 😂

This was the only idea I had, but someone over at whaleshares started talking about cherries, so now I have this:

I think I like it better this way!

I gave my microwave to my daughter, because I prefer the "traditional" stove, so I can understand you ^^ About your logo, I like it! It's clear and watching it I can easy understand what's your "business" ^^

Thank you so much for your reply @silviabeneforti!

I do enjoy the microwave for an easy way to heat up leftovers, but overall I prefer the oven and stove :-)

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Highly sublime :)

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