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Sorry for the lack of updates!

I haven't felt the need to do much pc work on my days off, so no blogging either. To be completely honest, I don't miss it much, atleast not currently. I haven't felt the urge to write more and I won't force myself.

I don't know if/when it'll come back. I do have recipes I want to share from time to time, but I haven't felt like writing them down yet either. I'm sure I'll do that eventually though.

There is one thing I want to show you all today and that is the birthday 'cake' I made for hubby a few weeks ago.

Now hubby doesn't care about sweets much, so making a random pie/cake/whatever you wanna call it wasn't my top priority. However, just in time, I found this festive recipe in one of the free store magazines with recipes and adds.

So for hubby's birthday, I made him a cheese cake.


Delicious cheese, nuts, figs and warm pear. It was great! Combined with a salad, this was our dinner that day.

We were supposed to go to a concert too, but I wasn't feeling well, so we skipped that.

So, work is going well, though I can't do much yet. I'm mostly just my co-worker's shadow at the moment, trying to take it all in. So much information to take in and the timing is a little off, but that's okay. I'll get a training next month in the application I'm going to manage. Until then, I'm just trying to learn as much about the organization and its processes as I can.

So far, I haven't had too many headaches, though they do happen on some days. I think not drinking enough might be part of the problem there though. Gotta drink more!

Oh, also, I've sold another shirt last week! A simple gamer shirt. This one:

That made me happy!

Speaking of games, I haven't played many lately. I played Novus Inceptio again for a little while, which is still fun. Would be better once multiplayer is out though.

Okay, and now I want breakfast. Sorry for the short update. Hope you're all doing well!

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Wait, is that just cheese wheels piled with nuts and fruit?

It is indeed! The lower one is cut in two with the warm pear in the middle, so the cheese melts.

There is now a marked conflict between my appetite and my digestive tract over whether this dairy-laden delight should be attempted.

Haha, I'm so sorry to have caused this conflict for you! Maybe create this little gem when you have loads of people over, so you can only taste a little bit ;-)