Into the Darkness, A bittersweet love story: Chapter 5 The Prince and the three challenges.

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Into the darkness- A bittersweet love story

Chapter 5 The Prince and the Three Challenges.

I am a targeted individual. The whole time I have been at the mercy of forces outside of my control and there has been nothing that I could do. By writing about my experiences I hope to break the bad magick spell over me. Right now I am trying to make sense of my life and get back to reality. Sharing your mind with someone is a really intimate experience that effects you for the rest of your life. It takes a lot of will power to get back to normal reality.

Writing about it has been the only thing that makes sense but now I am at a cross-roads, I feel all talked out. Was it a figment of my imagination or was it real? I had 'proof' but that comes later in the story and not in this chapter. They say that perception is reality, well, if that is true, then I came across a most amazing man indeed. I hope that you enjoy my story.

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Chapter 5 The Prince and the Three Challenges.

For three years I was terrified that I was going to be taken, kidnapped from my own home. Lucy and the bad men said that they wanted to kidnap me and every day they showed me scenarios where I got taken by them. Every night I was in fear, I went to bed terrified and woke up relieved. Now, the opposite is true, I wish that I would be taken by the bad men and Lucy. Every night I go to bed wishing that I would wake up with Lucy as he had taken me. Why? Because I fell in love with Lucy. How did it change? It changed over time when I fell in love with him but it did change.

I feel like my mind has been broken by what has happened to me over the last few years as a targeted individual. Writing is the hardest thing to do at times but it is the only thing that makes sense and it makes me feel better. It's like my mind is a piece of glass that has been shattered into a thousand pieces and somehow I must get it all back together without cutting myself too badly. They say that a mind once expanded, never returns to it's original dimensions and I have found that that is the case. I hope that by writing my story that I can free myself from the spell that is over me and come back to reality.

What I didn't know at first is that everybody is psychic and that I was channelling. All I knew at the time, was that I was having these unwanted experiences that I couldn't stop. Over the last few months, my life had slowly been taken over by my having these repeating daydream scenarios throughout the day. A daydream scenario was where I could see things and hear things in my mind's eye it was like a movie was playing in my head, they were quite captivating and absorbing. What I mean to say is that they were so intense that they were all I could concentrate on at the time, I couldn't focus on anything else. There was nothing that I could do to stop them from happening and I fought against them as hard as I could without any success. The daydream scenarios were repeated with slight variations throughout the day, it was almost as if I was being trained to have certain responses to certain stimuli.

Unfortunately, these daydream scenarios now consumed all of my time, all I could focus on was what was happening inside my head. I was locked in battle inside my head against the five black magicians and there was nothing that I could do about stopping the experiences. From early morning to late at night, I had the daydream scenarios, it was like a movie on repeat, everything else in my life fell to the weigh side. It was really hard to concentrate on my life. I was lucky that I had a good support base in my life and I had people to help me. I didn't know whether any of what is happening to me is real or not or whether it was just some flight of fancy or madness that has come over me, and try as I might to fight it, nothing helped however, and the experiences continued with increased regularity.

I started having daydreams where I am dressed up and are at a black tie party and I am wandering through the crowd and I see the Jason entity and the older guy and I have a choice as to who to go to. The older good-looking man is the same man who 'saved' me from having to stay the night with the Jason entity in a previous daydream scenario. He is called the “Prince” by others in the daydream scenario but I don't like calling him that because I am sure that it is just a lie. Instead for some strange reason I call him 'sweet man' which he seems to like. As the older guy seems to be rescuing me and he has rescued me before, I seem to always choose him and the Jason entity notices this and tries to get me to come with him but the older guy again 'saves' me and I am so grateful and thankful to him for saving me. In that moment I am completely in love with the “Prince” but my intuitive senses are tingling warning me to be careful with him so I am on my guard.

I also have a daydream scenario in an alley where I duel with the black magician with the long black hair. I am having lots of visions of meeting the black haired man and fighting him. Thankfully my trusty sword always appears to be handy when I need it. And luckily I seem to almost always win in my fights with this man but fighting him, it is exhausting. There is a gym in one daydream scenario where I practice my fighting and work out. The Jason entity and some other men watch me work out and practice my sword play. I am getting better at fighting too by practising.

I start having a daydream of a house where there is a garden and in the garden is a bed made out of plants and flowers which I recognise as being the bed for the 'great marriage' and the Prince is there and I feel love and I am so grateful for him rescuing me because I have felt so under attack. There is a woman there who I take to be the Princes wife or mother and I love her too and I am respectful and grateful.

The daydream scenarios are virtually non-stop from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go to bed, they drain me and tire me and because I am fighting and they are stressful, I am angry and stressed all of the time. The daydream scenarios interfere with everything that I do and I cannot function. I cannot do anything else but have these experiences, it is terrible. I feel like I am totally under attack and so very tired, and that is why I am so grateful to the Prince, for he is rescuing me from the bad men and the Jason entity. He takes me to a space in the ether to talk, it is a room where we sit and talk. One day we are talking and I ask him what he wants with me and he replies that he wants to marry me, I tell him that that is ridiculous as I already have a boyfriend, and he tells me 'I am not going to take no for an answer'. And so the fight with the “Prince” begins.

I talk to my boyfriend about what is happening, we realise that I cannot stop the phenomena and we come up with the idea of challenging the Prince; if he wins he gets what he wants, which is to marry me; if I win, he leaves us alone. After much thinking we develop two challenges which we are sure that he would not be able to win. What we didn't know is that Lucy could effect my thoughts and so he had a hand in my choice of 'challenges'. The 1st challenge was to convince me that he is real, the 2nd challenge was to woo me (that is, get me to fall in love with him), and I added a third challenge, that he must like Cinderella, be a perfect fit with me . To win he must win two or more challenges. We are so sure that he could never win these challenges, little do we know that that he planned it this way. I am at this stage, angry at the Prince because he won't leave me alone. He is coy about his name but eventually gives me the name of 'Angel' but I strangely refer to him as sweet man although I don't know why. However, I mostly call him asshole or cad because I am angry with him because he won't leave me alone.

I have daydream scenarios of the Princes house and family. I am convinced that the woman I see with him is his wife, I find out later that she is not. I feel strangely that the Prince wants to be in a polygamous relationship with me (he does not but at the time, this is the instinctive feeling of the situation that I had) I meet the Princes father, he is that grey haired man who is one of the five black magicians, his younger brothers and his mother. The Prince lends me a necklace of his mothers to wear at a dinner.

The Prince or Lucy as I later called him agrees to the challenges, what I don't realise at the time is that the Prince can influence my thoughts and had a hand in my choice of challenges.

The visions are almost continuous during the day and I really cannot concentrate on anything other than the visions and I am very stressed. I try to fight the visions and the Prince but nothing seems to stop them, I am beside myself.

Even though when the Prince is around, I feel his presence in my mind, I am not sure if this is real or whether I am having delusions or hallucinations of some sort. The Prince tells me that he is very real and I oscillate between starting to believe him and thinking that I am crazy (which stresses me out).

The Prince and I fight (that is I attack him and he takes it, I try stabbing him, cutting him up, blowing him up and he disappears for a while, but he always comes back) I take to exploring the ether when he is not around. I start thinking that this is like the Internet and that the prince could be any one from any where.

End of Chapter 5.
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