How Your Dog Can Help You Get Healthy

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When it comes to fitness, having a workout partner can help you stay consistent in your workout routine and help hold you accountable to getting healthier. A workout buddy can help give you the added motivation you need, especially on those days you just aren't into it. However, the thing with us humans is that we are often too busy, as life can sometimes get in the way.

This is where the reliable furry friend can be a great help to you getting healthier. Having a pet can be the ultimate workout partner. If you are a dog owner, you can incorporate your dog's needs in with your need to stay healthy.

There are a few ways you can stay fit with the help of your dog.

The Power Of Dog Walking

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Of course by know you have probably heard of all the health benefits you can get by walking. However, you can get even more of a workout by power walking your dog.

The best way to start a power walking routine would be to start slow, allowing your dog to sniff and smell along the way. This beginning warm up phase can also be a great time for your dog to get going to the bathroom out of the way. Once you have done anywhere from 5-10 minutes of warming up, you can increase your pace to a fast walk. This will give you more of a cardio workout and is also great for the dog.

You can incorporate interval training into your walk routine also. Interval training would be walking at a fast pace for a few minutes, followed by a slower pace for a minute, then picking the pace back up for a few minutes again. You can repeat this process for the entire walk followed by a cooling down period. You can either use a fast pace walk or jog during the fast phase of the program. If you and your dog are capable, you can even run. Another great way to get fit with your would be to walk on the beach. The added resistance of sand will give you more resistance and have you and your dog burning more calories.

Frisbee Playing

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When it comes to playing Frisbee, dogs absolutely love it. Throwing the Frisbee around at the beach or park and having your dog catch it is a great way to get fit. You can even run with the dog as the dog chases the Frisbee. Playing Frisbee is a great way to increase your calorie burning and get some cardio in.

Swim With Your Dog

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We all love being at the beach, and what better way to get in shape than to go for a swim. Going for a swim, with your dog swimming along side of you, makes for a great workout. If you have a pool, you can swim laps with your pet. There is almost no doubt, your dog will almost always want to go for a swim with you at anytime.

Hitting The Trails

Walking or jogging through trails can be a challenging way to add some fitness into your day. Going through trails with your dog can be a great way to clear your mind also as you can get away from everything and just be the two of you in the trails.

This great connection with nature can give you and your dog an awesome routine to help you both get healthier.


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I hope I have given you some ideas on how you can get healthier with your dog. Dogs love to be active, so why not use that to help yourself get healthier too.

What activity do you do with your pet? Leave a comment below!

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The fact that a pet does well for people's health is well known. Dogs have a remarkable effect on the happiness and longevity of the people. Pets can reduce the risk of heart disease, control stress and sometimes help us discover some serious illness.

They sure do bring happiness to people.

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Good Post. My dobie Red keeps me pretty active lol

Beautiful dog. I bet he loves every minute of it too.

really nice post...Dogs and other pets decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps in mental health too..

They are just a pleasure to have around.

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You are so right! Dogs are great for keeping us fit and healthy and HAPPY.
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They are just great for our all around well-being. Following you also, thank you for the comment

This is so true!!! I go on daily hikes with my dog and not only is it good for her but keeps me in shape.

I bet she loves every minute of it also!

Oh yea lol and she knows the time we go everyday. She reminds me when I see her just staring at the leash

Yeah, they are definitely smarter than we are lol

Here is the story my wife posted of how we got her and a short video is on it with our dog. You might find it cute

nice post:)
I have 6 dogs and 19 cats hahahah , walk with my dogs twice a day

They will definitely keep you active, that's for sure!