Do we have to fight for gender superiority?

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The modern world has been plunged in an era of extreme social awakening wherein all the underlying principles that had been governing the ways in which we interact, are being put to constant scrutiny, and with every passing day, we fight for change. One of the more prominent situations is the feminist movement.


Women has always been known to be on the victim's side of gender discrimination, while the male folks are most benefited. As a matter of fact, in many developing countries, women are not allowed to go to school. They're only seen as tools for child bearing and labour. In Saudi Arabia, women were forbidden to drive cars.

Men are seen as seen as superior folk, deserving of the major benefits of life in a society. Until the feminist movement began. Feminism in a nut shell, is the ideology that men and women are equal. Feminists insist that women deserve as much education as men do, and also are capable of doing everything a man does and therefore should be seen as equal and not inferior. This movement is gradually garnering successes in various places as women in some countries are among the most influential folks there, playing huge roles in their country's politics.

In my opinion, I think we should look beyond our genders and focus more on personalities instead. A man should not be compared to a woman because they're both different, and have differences in strengths and weaknesses too. A man's strength is quite different from a woman's. A woman's weakness is different from a man's. The best thing to do is, instead of trying to establish gender superiority and inferiority, we should invest more in discovering and harnessing the potentials of both genders.

The world as we see it has already seen so much troubles. We need not make it worse!


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