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Sometimes you're curled up in corner, alone with your thoughts. Your thoughts are so deep that you end up drowning in them, wallowing in self pity, anger and hate... the world had turned their back on you, and your dreams, your aspirations seem like they're impossible to reach... so you're just there, in that cold dark corner of your mind, alone with your heavy thoughts.


Depression is a homeless puppy roaming in the rain because nobody gives a damn about it. Depression is you feeling down on the cold brutal ground. Depression is you having your back against the wall. We all feel depressed at some point in our lives. But what do you do, when you're depressed?

So many people seek solace in so many things. They get drunk in wine, they get high on cigarettes and drugs so much that they feel numb to the realities of their life, earning a temporary freedom, joy, and happiness. But by the time the hangover wears off, they're back to where they were, feeling depressed again.
I remember walking in on my friend, she was holding a knife in the kitchen. It was gleaming in the tiny streams of light rays seeping through a crack in the window. She had the knife's edge pointing towards her like a compass, she was going to get away from everything. She said she had nothing to lose anymore, because of things I would rather prefer not to share just to respect her privacy.
But at the end of the day, the question is: what is the craziest thing you'd ever done, to escape depression?
Have you contemplated suicide before?

Do you think suicide is an escape?

Please share your thoughts.


Or the other question: What is the craziest thing someone else has done to get you out of depression?
I think often it is not the depressed person, but those around who pull the situation back from the brink. I know in our family we sold our home, pack up and moved to another country to get my husband out of his pit. There was nothing I was not willing to do. (And there were plenty of people out there who thought I was crazy!)

Yea, that's right. People will definitely see that it's a crazy move, but it was worth it. I'm sure.

It clearly worked because we have been married for 22 years today!

Wow, that's great!

Sucide Is never an escape! Sucide is Cowards who dont have faith in them. Everyone goes through difficult times, Life never stays Happy for everyone! All you have to do is to fight, Be patient , be consistent, Don't Panic or get depressed! Getting into drug is itself is not way out of depression.. infact it is a Slow way of sucide! In short if there is a Will, there is a way!
Best way to get out of depression is to stay positive, Look for the people Below you (who are suffering more than you) and then be thankful for what you have!
Best example coming into my mind is Jack Ma! Founder of Alibaba.com.. do read his life story! He was one the unluckiest person on earth, but if he had committed sucide then he was never to be one of the world richest persons

Yea, that's right bro. I read Jack Ma's story. He was really pathetic at first, but look where he is now!