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Good day, steemit
To build your affiliate network and receive a constant profit, you need to find and invite as many partners as possible. It's much easier than you think. Follow our simple instructions and see for yourself.

Step 1: Social networks and blogs
To invite the maximum number of people, sometimes you do not even need to leave your computer. Place your affiliate link in your social networks, blog and any other of your pages on the network. This way you will attract a large number of new partners.

Step 2: Messengers
Each of us uses different messengers daily for work and communication. Send your affiliate link to all your contacts. But do not forget to add a description. Tell about the company and your experience working with us.

Step 3: Real meetings
Although we are working in the Internet space, we should not forget about communicating with real people. Tell your colleagues, friends and acquaintances about WestLand Storage and do not forget to share your affiliate link with them.

Using this simple instruction you will be able to attract a large number of partners and create your own affiliate network that will generate a constant profit.

More information about the affiliate program you can read here or in the FAQ section.

Invite your partner right now using your affiliate link, which you can find in your personal account.

Invite a partner

And if you have any questions, just write to our support team.

Yours faithfully,
Customer manager Bart Robbins.

WestLand Storage, 43 Whitfield St, W1T 4HD, London, United Kingdom

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